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The Best Online Gaming Affiliate Programs

Every gamer has had the same thought while they’re sitting around playing video games: “I wish I could just get paid to do this.” Thanks to the rise of the Internet, everyone’s childhood fantasy can be a reality. Whether you’re a video game streamer, a video game blogger, or a frequent presence on video game forums, you can take advantage of online gaming affiliate programs to earn surprising sums of passive income. Just what is an affiliate program, and which ones are the best? Read on to find out.

Affiliate Programs for Streamers

Twitch’s new affiliate program will let almost any streamer earn money

Twitch and YouTube have become prolific breeding grounds for celebrity gaming identities. Whether you’re trying to make a name for yourself as a Twitch Streamer, or launch the next huge gaming YouTube channel, streaming is a great way to find an audience for your gaming passion. While you’re on your way up, though, it helps to have some extra cash flow. Affiliate programs are one of the best ways for Streamers to pay the bills until they become the next Pewdiepie.

How can a streamer make use of an online gaming affiliate program? Typically, this involves posting affiliate links in your video descriptions, or displaying affiliate QR codes at some point during your stream. Anytime one of your viewers uses the affiliate link or QR code and then makes a purchase on the website, you receive a small commission. As you accumulate followers, the income you derive from the affiliate program will expand, too. Who knows – it could even turn into a sponsorship for you eventually.

Affiliate Programs for Video Game Bloggers

[Video Games] Affiliate Niche Research

Streaming is a great way to make a living from playing video games, but it’s not for everyone. Some gamers are a bit old-fashioned and would rather write about their gaming experiences than stream them live on Twitch. Others might just be a bit camera-shy and prefer the relative anonymity of blogging under a pseudonym to broadcasting themselves to the world. In any event, writing is another way for gamers to share their love of the art form, and it’s just as viable for making money through online gaming affiliate programs.

Similar to streamers, gamers with their own blog or website can post affiliate links on their pages and articles. If their readers click the link and make a purchase – ta da! – the blogger gets a commission. Another option available to bloggers and website owners that isn’t as streamer-friendly is the posting of affiliate banner ads. The banner ads have basically the same outcome as the links – visitor clicks, visitor buys something on the site, blogger makes money – the difference is primarily in the presentation. Banners look and act more or less like classic advertisements, whereas links are less flashy and take up less space. It depends on your taste, your target audience, and your advertising goals.

Affiliate Programs for Active Forum Users

Medium will now pay writers based on how many claps they get

Are you the guy or gal with hundreds of  posts on a popular gaming forum? Do your threads attract thousands of comments and spark huge discussions? You’re a forum god – don’t you think you should be getting paid for it? Well, now you can put all that space in your signature to good use and make a little cash off of your knowledge and popularity.

This method is functionally the same as it is for bloggers and website owners. Just paste a banner ad or affiliate link into your signature, and it’ll be included on every post you make. That means every time you create an original forum post, every time you comment on someone else’s post, every time you type anything and hit “post,” you’re generating another opportunity for anyone who reads it to click the affiliate banner or link in your signature and earn you a commission by purchasing something.

Affiliate Programs for Social Media Personalities

Amazon’s social media ‘Influencers’ program opens up to YouTube stars

Gamers tend to be fairly cutting-edge people, so chances are if you’re involved in any of the above activities (or a combination of them), you’re probably gushing about gaming on social media, too. If that’s the case, then good news! Social media provides another great opportunity to capitalize on affiliate programs.

Each of your thousands of followers will see your posts on their wall, or feed, or whatever term applies to your site of choice. If you occasionally throw an affiliate link or an ad out there, you have a strong chance of several of them following the link and making a purchase. They already like and trust what you have to say, that’s why they follow you. You’d may as well use that influence to share a product you believe in and make a little cash for yourself in the process.

The Best Online Gaming Affiliate Programs for Gamers

How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Now that you have a general understanding of a few of the ways you can take advantage of affiliate programs to monetize your passion for gaming, we thought it might be nice to provide you with a short list of some of the best affiliate programs for up-and-coming online gaming icons.

  1. Amazon: Yes, the Amazon. This is a solid choice for obvious reasons. People know and love Amazon, and there’s actually a pretty good chance someone will buy something if you send them there. This can lead to some big revenue for affiliates.
  2. Green Man Gaming: This is a pretty standard affiliate program on its face – post links and banner ads, get money whenever people follow the links and buy things. What makes this one interesting, though, is that affiliates who generate particularly good traffic get access to exclusive offers themselves. It’s hard to pass up earning extra perks while making money.
  3. Humble Bundle: This is another great affiliate program for gamers. Like Amazon, you can usually count on someone following your link to Humble Bundle and actually making a purchase because they offer such incredible deals on top-shelf titles. On top of that, you get the extra warm-fuzzies from knowing that you’re sending your viewers or readers to a site that’s dedicated to supporting charities.
  4. Gamer Dating: Yes, that’s right. Gamers need love too, and some of us need a little extra help finding it. Why not provide a link to a website that could help your fellow gamers be struck by Cupid’s arrow, and get yourself paid in the process?
  5. PlayerAuctions: They say to save the best for last, so here we are. PlayerAuctions is a marketplace to trade digital gaming assets. They offer affiliates a flat 2% commission per action. This means you get 2% of every completed purchase order that results from a customer clicking an affiliate link on your site or video. That adds up to big bucks really quickly! Contact them on [email protected] incase if you want to discuss anything further.


It’s a brave new world with a brand-new kind of marketplace. The Internet allows people to get paid for their passion like never before, and online gaming affiliate programs are one of the most exciting examples. This article only contains a few of the most promising affiliate programs to choose from, so get out there and start getting paid to do what you love!

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