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The Future Of Esports Betting

The eSports industry is a new one and it’s something people are starting to pay attention to. As gamers come together to sit down and play games against each other, this is leading to the creation of high-grade and high-pressure eSports tournaments across a variety of playing fields. Whether it is FIFA, NHL, 2K19, or any other sporting game, there is a lot of value being put into this industry and what it stands for. Here is a look at the future of eSports according to experts.

Billion Dollar Industry

Report: Esports To Grow Substantially And Near Billion-Dollar Revenues In 2018

This is a massive industry and is only getting larger with each passing day. In essence, they are looking at a billion dollar industry within a few years and the numbers are going to get bigger as the days go by. This is not going to become a static industry because gamers are only getting started in this world. As they realize there is a lot of demand, the tournaments will increase and that is never a bad thing for the viability of eSports. More and more gamers will notice the value of putting their time into this and that will create a variety of new jobs including gaming coaches, managers, and other relevant professions.

Growing Interest Among Gamers

Millennial kids can earn $10,000 a month playing video games

What is the number one reason for eSports staying relevant? It has to do with the interest among “professional” gamers that are participating at these events. If no one was willing to spend the time to travel out to these tournaments, they would start to fail. However, professional gamers have large fanbases due to their Twitch accounts and that is becoming the reason for their demand rising.

These gamers are looking at these esports tournaments as a way to earn money and do something they love at the same time. This is one of the reasons it is such an adored profession.

Larger Pots

Epic will provide $100 million for Fortnite competition prize pools in its first year

Money is a critical component of an industry and the same applies to eSports. The goal is to look into the finances of these tournaments and one thing that is popping out would be the pots. These tournaments are becoming larger and larger in terms of participation. More gamers are looking to get involved and that means there is a larger prize at the end of the tourney.

The pots are impressive and are making gamers millionaires if they keep winning. With so much money, it makes sense to see eSports grow.

Increasing Celebrity Intrigue

Esports Is The Next Biggest Frontier In Influencer Marketing

Whether it is Sergio Aguero, Shaq, Jimmy Rollins, or Alex Rodriguez, there are so many celebrities getting involved. This is a clear sign of what eSports is all about and why it has become such a viable option for so many investors. People are looking to put their name on these companies and that is the beauty of an industry that is just starting to pick up.

In the past, it was a small-tier setup, but millionaires and billionaires are joining in and marketing the industry. This is a sign of good things to come for eSports as a whole.

The Growth of Streaming Platforms

Twitch CEO plots expansion beyond game streaming as Facebook and media companies enter the market

Twitch and other similar gaming platforms are going to see an uptick in users. This is one of the main reasons eSports has managed to grow in such a drastic manner compared to other industries. In the past, it took a while for these industries to grow. However, a lot of people are starting to see the value of streaming platforms and that feeds into this eSports craze. With more and more viewers heading to these streaming platforms to watch gamers, they are also being exposed to the world of eSports. They are realizing there is something more to this world and they can watch if that is something they find to be interesting.

The attendance numbers at these events are high and that is a sign there is intrigue. People like the idea of watching these streamers/gamers on a daily basis as they play online while also being able to watch them in high-pressure situations in the middle of a gaming tournament. Having money on the line means it is a great way to bring people in that love gaming already. As more and more streaming channels pop up, this is only going to get larger.

Betting Industry

Betting on Dota 2: The Giant of eSport Scene

Yes, the betting industry is another indicator of what the world of eSports is going to look like in the following years. The betting industry is continuing to place a focus on this industry and that is a sign of growth. There is serious potential for eSports to take off and a lot of betting companies are hoping to get on top of this as soon as they can. With there being a need to wager on these head-to-head matchups, the providers are more than happy to oblige.

When the betting industry starts to get involved, it can lead to a serious upsurge in activity. This has been seen in the past when it comes to sports and the same applies here. Even new sports can start to take off when betting is involved. It’s all about making sure these are legitimate companies and there are a few that are entering into eSports. As more of these companies continue to pop up, the results are going to reveal themselves as soon as people want them to. This is the power of betting and what it can do.

These are the details to think about when it comes to the future of eSports and the direction it is going in. A lot of people wonder about the future of an industry that is brand-new and looking to get its feet wet. However, the results are there for everyone to see. More and more people are getting involved because there’s serious potential behind the work that’s going on. This is not a small-time operation and there are tournaments all over the world taking place due to how gaming has progressed. This is becoming a viable option for many billionaires because of the money that’s involved.

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