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A Good Night’s Rest: Can Music Help You Fall Asleep?

If you’re one of the many people who suffer from chronic or even occasional insomnia, then you know that it’s no picnic. The human body craves sleep, and when you don’t get it, your life becomes more difficult.

What Messes With Sleep Patterns

Insomnia sometimes comes about when your mind is too active, or it could be that you’ve ingested too much caffeine during the day. Sometimes using electronics like staring at your smartphone or watching TV too close to bedtime might be to blame. But there is one possible solution of which you might be unaware: music.

Music Can Help the Mind Relax

Music isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!

It seems counterintuitive when you think about it. Music would seem to be something that would further stimulate the mind rather than quiet it down. But some people find that if they turn on some music and have it playing close to them, like on their bedside table, for instance, then it cancels out the activity in their heads. They cease replaying the events of the day, worrying about a presentation at work the following morning, or thinking about something that happened to them years earlier. They focus on the music instead, provided that it is something soothing rather than jarring or energetic.


4 Gadgets to Reduce Anxiety and Help You Sleep

There is also the popular option of listening to music through headphones rather than having it playing somewhere near to you. Bedphones, as this technology is sometimes known, are becoming invaluable for some people, especially those who sleep with a partner and don’t want to disturb them. Most people prefer to listen to music over their bedphones that is calming to them, but some people don’t have any trouble falling asleep to an audiobook. They can drift off, and then the following night they can pick the story back up at the point that they last remember.

Whatever It Takes

The 5 Best Audio Gadgets for the Serious Music Lover

Another reason that insomniacs are trying technology like bedphones is that many of them prefer to avoid pharmaceutical solutions to the problem. There are all kinds of sleep aid medications, both the over-the-counter varieties and those that require a prescription. But there are often side effects that go along with these medications. You can wake up groggy the morning after taking them, and there are dry mouth and dizziness to go along with it. Nobody wants that. Music or audiobooks don’t leave you with any ill effects the following day.

As Your Day Winds Down

Bedphones for bedheads

Ultimately, we’re all searching for a way to wind down after a long day of work and familial obligations. It’s smart to get yourself mentally prepared for sleep starting at least an hour before your scheduled bedtime. A nice cup of decaffeinated tea or hot water with lemon can be soothing. You should always stop using electronics an hour before you begin your bedtime routine, since they have been linked to sleeplessness. If you find that music can be part of a method that works for you, take advantage of it. A good night of sleep is vitally important, and any reasonable way that you can go about getting it should be considered. Check out Furniture Standards for the top reviews on bed frames.

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