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Chemistry Convos: 5 Common Laboratory Apparatus Names (And Their Uses!)

Are you looking for five laboratory apparatus names and their uses? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. Click here!

In a 2012 safety survey, it was found that 40% of lab researchers claimed they lacked training on hazardous materials. Accidents caused by a lack of knowledge in a chemistry lab can be deadly! 

Continue reading to learn about five common laboratory apparatus names and what they are used for.

Buying Used Chemistry Lab Equipment

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Basic Laboratory Equipment and Their Functions

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When it comes to working in a chemistry lab, you have to be aware of your surroundings at all times. There is a lot of different equipment and tools that a chemist uses in their lab. 

If you are interested in working in a chemistry lab, you need to learn everything that you can about how a lab works, starting with the equipment.

It’s an important part of the safety practices utilized within every laboratory.

Bunsen Burner

A bunsen burner is a device used to produce a flame for heating chemicals in a safe manner within a chemistry lab. It attaches to a gas line as a source for the flame. The bunsen burner is lit with a tool called a striker.

Graduated Cylinder

A graduated cylinder is a tall, cylindrical glass container used to hold a specific amount of liquid. It has markings on the outside to measure the liquid’s volume. Graduated cylinders are used for mixing and/or heating chemicals.

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Erlenmeyer Flask

An Erlenmeyer flask is a triangular-shaped glass container with a narrow opening at the top. This type of flask is used to hold liquids—the narrow opening limits the evaporation abilities of the chemicals inside. The triangular shape allows for easy mixing in a swirling motion.


A beaker is a short, wide glass cylinder used for holding, mixing, and heating liquids. This lip around the rim of the beaker prevents a proper lid from being made, but a watch glass can substitute as one when it needs to be covered.

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A crucible is a clay cup that is used for safely heating chemicals to extreme temperatures. Crucibles come with lids to cover the chemicals while heating to prevent spillage.

Crucibles are handled with crucible tongs. When crucibles are heated over an open flame, they are supports on a clay-triangle with an open middle.  

Laboratory Apparatus Knowledge Is Bountiful

Common Laboratory Apparatus With Their Uses

The more you know about the laboratory apparatus and what they are used for, the more prepared you will be when you finally get to work in a chemistry lab.

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