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Putting Together A Chemistry Kit At Home

Maybe your kitchen shelves can end up looking like a Victorian pharmacy; just make sure your jars are out of general reach, yeah? (Credit)

Science is what helps us understand what makes the world go round, and being able to understand and interpret it is an extremely sought after skill in the modern day and age. Because of this, more and more people are moving into the STEM field of things, and you could be one of the money to make a career here! Science can be done right at home after all…

So if you were someone who didn’t pay much attention in science class, now’s the time for you to sit up and pay attention. You can easily and safely put together something like a chemistry kit right at home, as long as you know what you should and shouldn’t do; here’s a couple of tips to get you started with that.

Safety First

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First thing’s first: make sure you’ve got a pair of goggles. You’re going to need to wear them whenever you’re firing up a bunsen burner or deciding to investigate a reaction; there’s a lot of risks to your eyes within the chemistry sector of science, and any bright light or toxic substance could fly out at them at any point.

You’re also going to want some good pairs of gloves, especially if you’re touching corrosive materials or extremely hot items. Don’t let yourself think your oven glove is going to work just fine here.

Have Safe Materials and Ingredients

Only buy ingredients that you would use regularly in your household, as most chemicals in those fun chemistry experiments we hear about on the internet can be found in daily use products. Grab the bleach!

And if you need to go a bit out of the supermarket’s way, make sure you shop with suppliers like Laboratory Sampling Supplies; it’s a secure site with regulated resources for you to invest in. Don’t risk your health and safety simply to save a few pennies every now and then. It won’t be worth it!

Don’t Be Risky

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Unless you know what reaction is going to come out of mixing two gasses or putting a chunk of that alkali metal in a pot of water, don’t risk it! You don’t want to accidentally burn down your kitchen in the pursuit of science, or spill ethanol all over the carpet and have the dog lick it up… Accidents happen all the time, and just because something looked fun on a Youtube video you saw doesn’t mean the aftermath is going to be fun to deal with! Know what you’re doing.

You don’t have to be a whizzkid to make your own chemistry kit, right from the comfort your kitchen or living room. Just make sure you’ve got the time and space to cultivate your kit properly, and even buy one of those childish ones that allow you to build a foaming volcano if you need a general direction to buy in!

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