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3 Great Online Tools That Improve Writing

There are different online tools which improve business writing skills. The tools include WordCounter, Hemingway tool, and Grammarly. These tools offer wide avenues for growth, such as learning how to articulate points and write content clearly and effectively. According to Jessica Grant, Senior Content Writer at ConfidentWriters and SolidEssay, “the process of writing entails a clear choice of the topic, the use of simple words and short sentences for the beginners”. There is also the use of active voice and keeping close to the chosen topic. Still, according to the tools, the headings’ selection should be eye-catching to capture the attention of the target audience. Other vital skills entail the organization of a short story or a write-up and choices of word and the flow. The tools are essential on matters related to online writing, where one is able to learn about the grammar rules, and selecting a topic. In this case, the article focuses on the tools that offer online writing skills to others based on the underlying benefits.


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WordCounter platform is effective for learning since they give one a good chance to learn the process conveniently. The tool also helps to highlight syntax and content errors when writing. One is hence able to learn how to spell words correctly through the use of the platform. The aspect of convenience is vital for anyone who wants to acquire writing skills. In most cases, people tend to write without a clear purpose hence lose the point. Writing without a clear goal is a big mess since there is no flow of the chosen topic. Still, the chances of going off topic are many hence boring the target audience.

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According to the tool, the mastery of the art of writing by selecting the topic and then working with a good plan on the organization’s organization is vital. It is hence evident that WordCounter is a robust platform for learning how to spell words correctly through the use of the media. Also, one acquires writing skills by reading on other people’s posts and responding to them at the right time. It is, therefore, an effective way of acquiring knowledge in the writing industry. The tool offers vast opportunities based on the personal demands and flexibility about business writing.

Hemingway tool

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Hemingway tool is also another affordable avenue for online writing and learning. “The site entails learning and is customized depending on personal demands such as outline, grammar, and flow,” Brian King, Head of Research Writing at BeeStudent and Free Term Papers. For example, there is a wide range of group networks for academics, commercials, and blogs. The features on the site are tailored to meet personal writing needs. According to the site, one can ask for help from friends and peers and learn without stress.

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There is hence the concept of writing more effectively and authoritatively due to the acquisition of the skills. The skills are crucial and easy to learn, something which makes the platform suitable for many. Still, there is the concept of getting feedback instantly and working with others to solve complex issues. There is also the use of active voice and keeping close to the chosen topic. Still, the selection of the headings should be eye-catching to capture the attention of the target audience.


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Lastly, the use of Grammarly is a vital tool for learning online writing. The platform entails such features as writing organization, the choice of the topic, the ideas, and the flow of the whole article. According to the tool, there is a clear inclusion of a good chance to practice and acquire new writing skills. The interaction entails the utilization of the right words, the selection of the topic, and grammar rules. One, hence, learns from peers as well as from experts who have honed their writing skills. The initial step is personal acceptance of the gifts of writing. According to the site, experts help junior writers acquire new skills and improve their abilities. Hence, it is clear that using the tool for writing and improving personal skills in writing matters is very effective. For instance, some social media videos and illustrations help plan and organize their work. 

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In conclusion, social media offers a wide audience for people who want to improve their writing skills. It is an excellent opportunity for others to acquire various writing tips and improve their work’s grammar and organization. According to the tool, one develops new writing skills such as the organization of write ups, choice of words, the basic flow of sentence structure, and planning in good time. There is also diversity and instant feedback, and by being user friendly, it makes it suitable for various users. The option for customization still makes the platform effective for learning. The platforms are accessible, convenient, and user friendly for all learners hence recommendable. 

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