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7 Must-Use Tools for Students to Get Better at Essay Writing

Essay writing requires skill and effort. Many students find it difficult to compile an A-grade essay and struggle with resources that can help them excel at the task. Nonetheless, none of them can escape this mandate assignment at high school and college. 

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It used to be an uphill battle for students before this era of technology, but now, there are tons of tools and platforms that can help get better at essay writing. Such tools at students’ disposal can be a solution to the most hectic steps of the essay writing process, i.e., organizing the material, creating a structure, ruling out grammatical errors, etc. 

So, if you are also stuck on your essay or if you are a teacher who wants to help their students by suggesting some good tools, here’s a list for you. 

Must-Use Tools for Students to Improve Essay Writing Skills

Essay Writing Tips for College Students

The primary challenges students face while writing essays are:

  • Understanding the tone and style of writing a particular type of essay;
  • Organizing and managing all the research material;
  • Following certain rules of grammar and punctuations;
  • Structuring the essay properly;
  • Writing a strong thesis statement;
  • Formulating a compelling introduction.

You can explore the tools mentioned below to solve some of the above pain points. Or you can opt for, a professional paper writing service, if you still find writing an effective essay stressful. 

BBC Learning English

Tips to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

The first and very important means to spill magic in your words is using appropriate grammar in your writing. There’s nothing more impressive than grammatically correct texts. You can put in some effort to learn the basic rules of English writing and create compelling essays. 

The BBC Learning English page on the BBC website is designed to help learners find everything related to grammar in one place. You can explore the links available on the page that provide lessons for everything from tenses and quantifiers to speech and voices.  If you need a more hands on approach to learning English then give a program like spark tutoring english a try and you’ll be an expert in no time!

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Let’s face it, nobody can learn all the stellar words in a language. The skill that helps you create an amazing piece of writing is how you find an appropriate word for some expression and how you use that in the respective context. is one of the tools that offers synonyms and antonyms of the searched word. You can look for words with closely related meanings, understand its use, and see if it fits in the context of your sentence. 

Nice vocab instantly picks up your essay and saves it from looking redundant. The only thing you need to be cautious of is using too fancy words that reduce the readability of your piece.

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If you are open to feedback to improve your writing skills, you can resort to This unique platform is a community of creative minds. This platform allows you to store and share texts for feedback from like-minded people from the community. 

You can leverage this tool to share your essay and invite reviews. You can then analyze the reviews and amend your essay accordingly. Many authors use for honest suggestions from peers. It is one of the best places to connect with skilled writers and learn from them. 

Thesis Statement Generator

How to Write a Good Essay – Step-By-Step Guide

Most students spare no effort to write a good thesis statement and yet find it the most difficult task. A thesis statement is an overview of the central idea of your essay and the points that you are going to discuss. This statement sets a clear expectation for your readers, helping them decide whether they want to read your paper or not. 

A crisp and clear thesis statement is critical for a good essay. This is why it becomes a toiling task for students. An online thesis statement generator is a must-use tool to come up with a captivating thesis for your paper. 


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Another difficult aspect of essay writing is organizing ideas and points. You certainly need a tool to connect your research material. MindMup helps you create mind maps in a fun way. 

With this tool, you can easily define the structure for your writing assignment. The visual flow of ideas helps you focus on the main pointers and remove unnecessary information. 


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Zotero is specifically designed for students keeping the need for research in focus. Researching through various resources and collecting them only to be lost in the pool of many references has been a sad reality for many of us. 

Zotero provides space and freedom to collect and organize your research data as you like. You can save the links and documents in one click, tag them with keywords, and use citations developed by the tool itself. 

Hemingway App

Top Contemporary Professions

Knowing the readability score of your text helps you target the right set of audiences. Some instructors pre-define the readability range for their students, so adhering to instructions will earn you a good grade. 

Hemingway App is a tool that assesses your text based on the complexity of sentences and the use of vocab in your writing. The best readability score is assumed to be less than grade-8. Along with the readability rating, the tool also suggests how to improve your readability score.


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The best grades are bagged through mindful steps taken toward writing a well-structured and articulated essay. If you submit the first draft without trying to refine it, it will be impossible to impress the instructor and is more likely to get rejected. Hence, it is crucial that you use the above-mentioned tools and polish your essay before submission.

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