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New-Age Technology is Changing the Mortgage Market – How Homeowners Benefit

Up until a few years ago, getting a mortgage was a tedious process that took at least a couple of months to complete. Loads of paperwork that customers had to


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Keyboard Warriors Unite! Planning A LAN Party

While it’s something that’s been around for quite a while, a LAN party is still a great way to get a more social experience as a gamer. While, in many


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Glorified Gadgets that are Actually Useless

Amid the technology that revolves around us, there are inventions created with purposeless specifications. The idea of making these gadgets as unique, never-been-seen, and outrageous, becomes too exaggerated. Despite creating


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6 Best Emerging Tech Gadgets To Look Out For

Technological advancements are skyrocketing, making us feel that morphing into cyborgs is just a few years away. The technology and gadgets are becoming more and more integrated, making our life