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Tech: Choosing the Best 3D Filaments for 3D Printing

3D printing has become an essential concept in recent years. There is no denying the fact that 3D printing has become a lifeline for the health industry  and other industries also. The reason is 3D printing is crucial to provide your staff with protective equipment.

 Now, when you go for 3D printing, then choosing the right filaments is crucial. It can be a difficult choice.  You will need to do some comparisons in this situation. For example, you will need to differentiate between pla vs abs filament

Understanding the different types of filaments available


Nylon 3D Printing: All you Need to Know

You have the option to go for Nylon filaments. The best thing about Nylon is that it is durable and strong. When we talk about pricing, then Nylon can get termed as an affordable option. However, the downside is that Nylon tends to have less strength and stiffness.

 What we must mention here is that Nylon tends to be more resistant to chemicals in comparison to PLA and ABS.

Filled Nylon 

When you are looking for printer filaments, then one option is Filled Nylon. It has carbon fiber in it. As a result, it becomes easy to preserve the qualities of Nylon. At the same time, filled Nylon has considerable stiffness.


You can also go for PLA when you want to opt in for the best thermoplastic. The best thing about PLA is that it is user-friendly. It has higher strength and stiffness in comparison to Nylon and ABS. It is easy to carry out 3D printing with PLA.

What we need to mention here is that PLA has a low melting point. As a result, PLA tends to lose its strength at a temperature higher than 50 degrees Celsius.


3D Printer Filaments Explained

When we talk about ABS, then it is weak and less rigid than PLA. However, it has improved durability in comparison to PLA. The best part is that ABS has more impact resistance. Another aspect worth mentioning about ABS is that it is light.

What is worth mentioning is that ABS is more heat resistant in comparison to PLA.

You also have the option to go for Onyx filaments. The best thing about Onyx is that it is stronger and stiffer than ABS.

Now, if you have to choose between Nylon, ABS and PLA, then keep one thing in mind. What you will like about these materials is that they are great beginner-level thermoplastics. Plus, you can look forward to ease of printing with these materials.

 The best approach will be to assess your requirements. You should not be hesitant to put up your questions to the vendor especially if you make your purchase online. He will be in the best position to answer you. What you must keep in mind is that your choice of filament will impact your 3D printing results.

There are no margin for errors. If you make your purchase online, then check multiple sites before your purchase. The benefit is that you will be in a position to make the best pick.

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