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4 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Should Have a Backup Generator

Whether you have the most technologically advanced kitchen or your restaurant hasn’t caught up to the technology revolution, your business relies on electronics. Practically every aspect of a restaurant’s operation requires power to work, from refrigerators to fryers to cash registers, making a power outage a threatening possibility. Therefore, your restaurant should have a backup to protect your patrons, employees, and restaurant equipment.

Many restaurant owners see an electrical outage as a rare occurrence not worth the investment in backup power. However, blackouts happen more often than people realize, about 3,000 times a year for roughly 45 minutes at a time on average. So, today, we’ll examine four crucial reasons why your restaurant needs a backup generator.

1. Backup power will protect your patrons, staff, and restaurant equipment.

Safety is one of the most important aspects of having a backup generator. It may be difficult to see in your establishment when the power goes out. As a result, the potential for injuries at your business increases dramatically. In addition, if your restaurant’s power goes out, the potential for a robbery goes up as well. Burglars will see your business’s power out and know that your security systems are down, and mark the place as the perfect target. Not to mention, an electrical outage can short out some of your electronic restaurant equipment, potentially ruining it or even causing a fire hazard.

When it comes to your restaurant equipment, all of these dangers can affect it, and if you’re still paying for the Los Angeles restaurant equipment you financed through The Restaurant Warehouse, it wouldn’t be budget-conscious to risk losing it already. With backup power, you can alleviate these safety concerns with a constant power flow.

2. Backup power can prevent food spoilage.

One of the most concerning risks for any restaurant during an electrical outage is the food. Food can stay safe in a refrigerator for about four hours without power, so long as the doors remain closed the entire time. However, outages can easily last longer than four hours, depending on external conditions. In addition, it can take a long time for your refrigerators to reach safe temperatures again once the power is restored, adding to the length of time your food is not cold.

Without backup power, your restaurant could lose thousands of dollars of food and ingredients due to one power outage. Therefore, it’s essential to prevent this financial loss and the risk of feeding customers spoiled food by having a backup generator installed by a reputable generator service.

3. A power outage can leave a bad taste in your patrons’ mouths.

Aside from your safety, outages can also affect your business’s reputation. Your cooks can’t make food, your servers can’t take new orders, and your heating and cooling system will be down during an outage. Therefore, your customers won’t be thrilled about the situation. Many people will be asking an important question: “Doesn’t this place have a backup generator?” When they realize you don’t, you’ll lose customers in droves. In addition, they’ll remember the time they missed out on their meal because the power was out, and they’ll be sure to avoid your place during inclement weather.

When you have backup power, you can continue serving customers, and more people will know that they can count on your business for a hot meal when the power is out in the area.

4. Backup power can help your business serve the community.

Besides worrying about how much you can make, backup power can establish your restaurant as a beacon for the community. When blackouts occur during harsh temperatures and weather, it can be hard on a community. Suppose your restaurant has power while everyone in the area doesn’t. In that case, it can serve as a shelter for the community to keep your neighbors safe, warm, and comfortable during these troubling situations.

Backup generators are a must-have for any restaurant.

With benefits like increasing safety, preventing food spoilage, improving your reputation, and serving the community, generators are a must-have for your restaurant.

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