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The Numerous Benefits of Switching to Solar in 2022

It’s no surprise that more and more people are deciding to go green and switch over to clean energy. In 2022, there are hardly any disadvantages to making this change, and although it can be a big expense up front, the vast benefits outweigh the costs by miles.

If a solar switch is in your plans for 2022, take some time to really understand the advantages of this decision. Here are but a few of the positive impacts of using clean, renewable energy in the form of solar power this year.

Tax Incentives

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Something that people don’t talk about often enough when it comes to solar energy are the tax incentives associated with this form of power supply.

Qualifying homeowners with solar panels can get a percentage of their initial costs back in tax credit, and other local incentives. In order to qualify, there are certain standards that need to be met, such as your Total Solar Resource Fraction (TSRF). Meeting these standards will allow you to reach a return on your investment in record time, making the switch even more worth it.

Environmental Impact

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Of course, one of the greatest selling points of solar energy is the fact that it’s clean and renewable. Anyone who is conscious of their carbon footprint understands the magnitude of being able to cut their carbon emissions drastically with the use of solar energy.

Solar energy is currently proven as the lowest impact power source since it produces zero greenhouse gasses and requires very little water for production and maintenance. Solar energy further creates no pollution or noise, which is a major benefit in urban areas.

For an environmentally conscious human, these benefits alone are enough of a reason to make the change.

Global Compatibility

Fortunately, all solar panels need to function is the sun. Whilst there are regions across the world that don’t get a whole lot of sunlight, solutions to these issues exist in the form of solar power-storing battery packs.

This fact makes solar energy particularly useful for more remote countries that have no other source of electricity or pay excessive amounts on imports. Solar energy can be used to power anything, anywhere, to improve the lives of millions without damaging the natural environment. 

Financial Impact

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While it’s widely known that solar panels can be expensive to install, the system will pay for itself in a short few years.

Using solar power will allow you to get off the grid and drastically reduce or completely eliminate your monthly electric bills. That monthly saving will quickly build up to account for the expenses of the installation, and considering the long lifespan of a solar energy system, you’ll be using free energy for many years in the future. 

Money freed up in your budget from your electric bills will allow for savings, debt repayment, family vacations, or whatever else you might personally need. 

Protected Against Rising Costs

On the topic of electric bills, we all know that the only direction they’re going is up. Aside from being conscious about your energy usage, there’s nothing that can really be done to reduce your energy bill since it’s connected to the utility electricity rate, for which the trend is rising upwards.

With solar energy, you are, of course, protected against the ever-rising electricity costs, no matter what country you’re in. Not using traditional power sources means that you’ll never need to worry about paying for them. 

Increased Property Value

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Just because the vast majority of people haven’t invested in solar panels, doesn’t mean that the interest isn’t there. The cost of installation is something that puts people off even investigating the idea, but millions of homeowners and homebuyers are intrigued by this trend.

If you are planning on selling or renting your home for any reason, its value will be exponentially increased by your solar panel installation. You’ll be able to hike up your prices to the extent that your investment will be paid for, and you’ll still have incredibly happy purchasers. 

Not only will the value of your property be increased, but it will be much easier to sell or rent, with a major selling point like clean energy. 

Guaranteed Power

Combining your solar panels with inverters or battery packs as part of your system to store energy will give you the peace of mind of a guaranteed power supply. 

Power cuts and late-night energy use will not be a problem with a solar energy system, since your power supply will be guaranteed. Not only this, but your energy system will have a lifespan of over 25 years, assuring you of clean energy for many years. 

It’s Affordable

Solar energy reaches historically low costs

Yes, the high cost of installing solar panels is one of the biggest issues pointed out by curious homeowners on a regular basis. However, the price of installing solar systems has been dropping over the past few years and will continue to decline as more and more people become educated and push for the change.

The decreasing costs along with the reduced energy bills and tax incentives, truly makes solar energy an affordable and positive change to make, and there are various options for financing and funding the installation, depending on where you are in the world.

Concluding Thoughts

While there may be some drawbacks to solar energy panels, such as their appearance, the requirements for a specific type of roof, and the anxiety of night-time energy use, the advantages outweigh any potential issues by far.

From the environmental impact to the lightening on your bank account over time, this long-lasting power solution is a great investment opportunity for anyone – whether you’re investing in property to lease or resell, or looking to optimise your family home. 

Regardless of your intentions or needs, looking into a quote on solar installations could be the best move you make in 2022. Make solar energy your next financial goal in order to reap lifelong benefits and savings, and a sense of peace knowing that you’re not damaging the environment. 

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