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4 Ways Escape Rooms Benefit Your Health

Any person that has ever experienced an escape room will let you know how fun it is. They will explain to you how the puzzles compelled everyone on their team to work together when completing each task, leading to them eventually “escaping”. 

Even the participants that ran out of time and teams that didn’t escape successfully will attest to the comradery among team members and the overall joy of adventure. What most people don’t know and don’t share in some cases is the amazing health benefits linked to participating in escape rooms.

In this article, we’ll share four ways escape rooms benefit your health, starting with briefly explaining what escape rooms are.

In essence, escape rooms create immersive experiences that stimulate teamwork, problem-solving like solving puzzles and searching for clues to complete a set-out objective. 

Escape rooms offer gaming experiences as you’ve never seen before, they are cognitive and educational learning adventures all in one. Players who participate in an escape room in Cleveland for instance, get to experience educationally enriched scenarios that leave them feeling happy, intelligent, and content. 

4 Health benefits associated with escape rooms

You could learn something new

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As humans, it’s in our DNA to uncover facts and explore information and knowledge we later teach others. This accumulated knowledge allows you to impress your friends and ace a quiz on any given day. 

In contemporary society, we try to stay away from reading large chunks of information. But in escape rooms, we are taken into an immersive and tangible environment. This environment allows you to interact with modern texts, technologies, and codes physically. It truly is an interactive learning experience like no other, which also serves to improve your mental vitality.  

Stimulates the senses

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The wonderful thing about escape rooms is that you are positioned right at the center of the activity. It’s at the center of the action where you experience the sounds, aromas, sights, and take in the surroundings of “the other world”. The moment you come into an escape room your senses get stimulated. Your survival instinct kicks in and you feel the sudden urge to work as a team so that you find your way out.

Refines your fine motor skills 

Puzzles in escape rooms are built so well that they support the growth of fine motor skills. Sometimes this is referred to as spatial awareness or hand-eye coordination. As we mature, our awareness and knowledge of the world also grow, and also coming into contact with unique challenges can develop our capacity to deduce distances. And because escape rooms take puzzles into a 3D world, they bring the physicality of puzzles to you in a tactile and tangible way more than other social activities can.

They are super fun to do

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Last but not least, escape rooms are a lot of fun. The satisfaction and psychological rewards you get from immersing yourself in these environments are unmatched. Other environments like paintball, bowling, or the cinema are best left forgotten, begin your escape room adventure and make enriching memories to last a lifetime.

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