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Technologies to be Excited About in 2021

Each year that goes by, technology takes another giant leap forward. Sure, civilization isn’t at the stage of teleportation and flying cars yet, but that day will come.

For now, though, there are a wide range of present-day tech releases that you should be excited about. Not only that, there are certain devices and technologies still in the development stage (which are likely to be released soon) that you should be excited about, too.

Let’s quickly go over some of the best ones.

Facial recognition

Life Improving Mobile Technology Developments

For some people, facial recognition is a scary prospect. After all, doesn’t it raise concerns surrounding privacy?

It all depends on your perspective. Some people will view the huge facial recognition advancements as a cause for concern, while others will see that it brings massive security upgrades for businesses and app users.

For example, smartphone apps can now be unlocked through facial recognition, meaning that even if someone steals your phone and knows your password, they still won’t be able to access your apps.

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Moving forward, it’s highly likely that facial recognition will become the primary form of smartphone, tablet, and computer security – meaning cases of stolen files and information are likely going to decrease.

Apple watches can now unlock iPhones

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Speaking of facial recognition, over the past year, most of the world’s population has been required to wear a face mask in public. This has caused one major problem: phones with facial recognition technology can’t recognize your face if you’re wearing a mask.

Naturally, this has meant that people have had to take off their masks to unlock their iPhones and Androids, or, alternatively, have had to unlock them the classic way through numbers or patterns.

Thankfully, Apple have seen how frustrated people were getting with this and decided to fix it.

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But how have they done this? Well, it’s simple and easy – but you must own an Apple watch to do it.

If you own an Apple Watch, you can use that to unlock your iPhone, which is a life-saver when you’re wearing a face mask. All you need to do is:

  • Go to settings
  • Face ID & Passcode
  • Turn on ‘Unlock with Apple Watch’

This way, you’ll be able to easily unlock your iPhone without needing to take off your face mask, as your iPhone will detect your Apple watch is on your wrist. 


How Will 5G Improve Mobile Gaming?

5G has started growing in popularity over the past year or so, and now many people are switching over to it from 3G and 4G.

There’s good reason to be excited about 5G, as it provides faster data speeds than ever before and has much wider network coverage. This means there’s significantly less chance of you losing internet connection and being unable to get a phone signal in certain areas.

Wireless charging

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Wireless charging isn’t here yet – but it’s coming soon.

Wireless charging will mean that you will be able to charge your phone through the air. For example, the charger could be in another room in your house but still has the strength to reach your phone. Sounds amazing, right?

Obviously, the technology isn’t quite ready yet, but it’s currently been researched and developed – so will likely be ready in the next few years.

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