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9 Travel Gadgets Every Geek Needs To Keep Close

A tech-head’s list of essentials is teeming with various devices, and they come before everything else. After all, leaving the precious devices behind is not an option for any self-respecting geek. Peregrinating is not simply complete without digital accessories to boost the experience and capture the amazing world around you. So, here are some most valuable sidekicks that will follow you anywhere you go – to the end of the world if need be.

Apple Watch


Smartwatches are one of the favorite tools for staying connected on the go. Users can utilize them to take time-sensitive calls and engage in text messaging nice and easy. Businessmen also use them to stay on top of their obligations and appointments, as well as to check emails. The traveling apps do need some refining, but Apple Watch is a swell travel contraption as it is.

Kindle Voyage


Heavy readers have no intention of breaking their routines while wandering the big wide world. Kindle Voyage is the best of the best, with its page press technology, automatic brightness, and impeccable resolution and contrast. It is also the lightest Kindle to this date, and although priced at around $199, this gadget is more than worth it.

GoPro Hero


A high-grade GoPro HERO action camera is not just the darling of extreme sports enthusiasts anymore, now it is beloved by people of all backgrounds. We all know that when it comes to portable HD cameras, GoPro is the king. The wearable design and water-proof properties of the Hero model will come in handy while dipping toes in turquoise lagoons, and you can use also the amazing Gorillapod to mount the camera virtually anywhere.

Surface 3


This one is an incredible tablet hybrid: It feels like a laptop, but you can use it during takeoff and landings, those annoying moments when you have to let go of the larger gadgets. The magnetized keyboard connects effortlessly, and the hardware always remains cool and quiet. Compared to the Pro version, design and materials are stripped-down, but it presents a nice budget-friendly option.

RHA T10 Earbuds


When picking the Earbuds, it pays off to opt for customizable solutions. RHA T10 Earbuds are just what you need, since each pair has 10 sets of ear tips in various sizes and materials. Moreover, you get interchangeable filters for optimizing the bass and treble, as well as specially-designed over-ear hooks for enhancing the noise isolation.

The Seagate 7


The thinnest 500GB drive the money can buy, The Seagate 7, is light as a feather and fits almost anywhere. This makes it an ideal companion for vacations and travels. Furthermore, it features expeditious performance and helpful backup software. As a moderate amount of extra storage space to take on your exploits, Seagate has an edge over the competition.

Mophie Powerstation


For geeky travelers, a power station is an absolute must. Running out of battery for various devices is something to be avoided at all costs, and the Mophie Powerstation is a true life savior which can handle any USB charged device. Its tiny aluminum body holds a built-in Lighting or USB ports that charge four devices at once, at four times greater speed than an average charger.

Solar Powered Backpack


These days, the solar tech can be integrated into a wide range of everyday objects. Take the example of the Voltaic backpack, which allows you to throw all your devices in it and get them charged. There is enough space here: Padded laptop sleeve, dual side pockets, sunglasses slot, etc. It also looks cool when on your back and is likely to turn some heads on the street.

Hammock for electronics

Exotic destinations tend to have oddly placed outlets, making gadgets prone to falling to their death. Well, this can be prevented with a nice hammock for electronics, which looks like it came straight from the 2001: The Space Odyssey. While you are sipping cocktail in a deckchair, you may relax knowing that your tech minions are safe and sound.

Ready, pack, go


Nerds have a peculiar way of embarking on their journey. Their bags are packed like a clown car with gadgets, and each piece makes a difference once in new surroundings. Do try to cherry pick your inventory and make the most of your carry-on space. Baring that in mind, groundbreaking devices are welcome aboard—merging your love for them with the excitement of amazing adventures will put you in a state of pure bliss.

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