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Dice with Buddies Review: Yahtzee with Friends was never so easy, or fun!

Growing up in a big family, family bonding was always a huge part of our daily lives. One of my fondest memories was of our weekly game nights. We would order pizza, put on a movie, and play any number of games until way past our bedtimes.

One of our favorite games was Yahtzee, one of the most popular family games around. If you want to experience the same nostalgic rush of familial memories and competitiveness, check out Dice with Buddies, a brand new game from Scopely, the makers of The Walking Dead games and Disco Bees!

Dice with Buddies is similar to other social gaming apps, in that it allows friends from around the world to play together at any time of the day. The game this time is dice, which closely follows the ruleset of the classic dice game Yahtzee. Dice with Buddies is sure to deliver all the dice-matching goodness you can handle.


Starting a dice game with a friend is simple. Simply click “New Game” and input their username to find them. You can also search for a random opponent if you just want to play a game. The matches are turned based, with each player getting three rolls to complete their score. For those looking for an edge, in-app currency can also be used to acquire extra rolls that can be used to improve your score. The end result is a fun, intuitive system that anyone will be able to pick up and experience.

Even if you’re playing on your own, there are plenty of great modes to try in the game. The first is tournament mode, which has you challenging other players from around the world to see who can score the highest. Something I like about this mode is that there is no opponent to wait for, so you can finish a game super quickly.


If you feel like playing against the computer, then Dice Masters mode is for you. In this mode you face off against increasingly difficult CPU opponents as you progress up a tower. The characters you face are based on a theme, and those themes change nearly every week. It’s always worth checking in on the mode, if only to see what new fun opponents there are for you to compete against. Winning in tournament or Dice Masters mode earns you in-game currency that can be spent on specialty dice and in-game powers like extra rolls.

Dice with Buddies has a clean art style that makes it very easy to see what is going on with your dice. The scoring board is intuitive, and a lot of work is done to make the CPU players you face in Dice Masters mode look decretive and unique. I loved seeing all the way Scopely could dress up dice to turn them into everything from underwater fish to rock stars, something you don’t really see with these kinds of board games.


I highly recommend Dice with Buddies for anyone interested in playing against friends and family online, those looking to relive a classic game from their past, or just those that are looking for a fun, well-polished mobile game. Start playing Dice with Buddies today.

Dice with Buddies Alternative

Another popular dice game is Yahtzee, which is also available for free on certain gaming sites. While this is considered a classic dice game, sometimes it’s nice to just play something familiar. One option is to go to Solitaired’s Yahtzee game and choose to play in single-player or multiplayer mode. No need to download an app – just navigate to the mobile-friendly website and start playing. You can even sign up for a free account to compete for top spots on the daily leaderboards.

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