Just Plain Fun: Today’s Most Entertaining Free Android Apps

With an estimated 2.1 billion people owning a smartphone last year, it’s clear to see that more people are embracing the world of technology than ever before. One of the most prominent benefits of smartphones that you simply don’t have access to on older, less-advanced phones is the ability to download apps.

From social media to photography to gaming, one of today’s leading app stores, Google Play, is said to be home to a colossal 2.2 billion of them just waiting to be downloaded. But with so much choice on offer, it can be difficult to decide which apps are worth downloading. After all, there’s only so many apps a standard smartphone’s memory has room for, and you want to make sure you’re downloading the best possible options. To help you with this problem, here’s a list of today’s most entertaining Android apps that are 100% free to download!

Flipboard For Android

Flipboard (for Android)

It’s no secret that social media has literally taken over the world. With apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being some of the most popular ever downloaded, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll have at least one social media app on your smartphone you regularly use.

But constantly flicking in between apps to stay updated and entertained can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have much time to spare. Flipboard transforms your social media feeds into an innovative magazine-like format, allowing you to see everything that’s going on across these different apps all in one place. Displayed in a user-friendly grid design, all your social media entertainment will have never been so accessible!

Coloring Book for Me & Mandala

When we think of entertaining apps, we often automatically think of social media and fast-paced games. But entertainment doesn’t have to involve staying constantly updated with what’s going on and playing high-intensity games; it can be calming and relaxed too.

After a hard day’s work where relaxation is of utmost importance, an app like Coloring Book for Me & Mandala is a great option. This coloring book app for Android features an array of intricate designs for you to color and create, offering both relaxation and creativity in one place!

Movies by Flixster

Fandango just snapped up Rotten Tomatoes and Flixster

For those who still love that feeling of seeing a new movie on the big screen, Movies by Flixster will become your new best friend. From the simple click of a button, the app will cleverly identify your exact location and instantly display what’s showing at all local movie theaters in your area, along with timings.

Or, if you already have a movie in mind you want to see, simply select your chosen film and you’ll get a list of when are where it’s showing in your local area.

Best free Android apps of 2017: 100 you must download

There’s no denying the world of smartphones and apps is constantly developing. But instead of shying away from it, embrace it! There’s an app out there for virtually anything you can think of and, if it’s entertainment and pure fun that you’re after, the above apps are a great place to start if you’re unsure of what to download first.

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