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Sites & Apps Bringing Unique Gaming Experiences Online for 1st Time

With the internet and mobile phones around for what seems like forever, it can be tempting to think that gaming has reached its pinnacle and that there are no new places for developers and players to turn.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, with fresh games or forgotten classics being brought to market all the time to surprise and delight of consumers. Here are just some of them.

VR Experiences

Mobile devices and apps have resurrected many ancient classic games | Photo

First come those platforms and apps that are ushering in a new dawn for VR gaming experiences.

Some incredible ones to check out if you have a VR headset are Second Life, Jaunt VR, and the VR games made compatible for the Oculus range of VR headsets. However, even without a headset, you can still enjoy VR games through certain mods and hacks.

The Las Vegas Strip in the Palm of Your Hand

For folks who reside in states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey, aspects of the Las Vegas strip can now be enjoyed without ever leaving home | Photo

While many video games and gaming experiences have been available online for a long time, that has not always been the case when it comes to certain genres.

One example is that of casino games which for a long time were the domain of land-based establishments in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or Reno.

Thanks to recent statewide changes in legislation, the dominance of places like Nevada is being challenged by New Jersey and Pennsylvania casino offers that come to the surface through comparison websites that show the availability of games in various US locations.

This means that venues such as the MGM in Las Vegas or the Mohegan Sun can now be experienced by people thousands of miles away, bringing that authentic casino experience to the palm of their hand.

Board Games Taken to a Whole New Level

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With the fervor surrounding battle royale and RPG games beginning to slowly wane, gamers are increasingly looking to classic games that have been given an innovative modern twist and offer more than just crashes, bangs, and wallops.

One example of this is chess, which despite being thousands of years old is now one of the most popular games, played by a whole range of generations, both on mobile and on more static gaming platforms.

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The sites and apps driving this incredible renaissance include Chess.com, Lichess.org, and even training resources provided by Magnus Carlsen, who continues to inspire the new generation of chess players.

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