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Casino Game Developers Keep Innovating in 2021

Online gambling has come very far from where it started, and it is constantly improving as game developers are determined to bring in some innovative changes every year. Top game developers like NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, Betsoft, Thunderkick, and many others have stepped up to offer excellent gameplay over the years.

Here is a list of the recent innovative game developments, which the game developers are tweaking to improve further and bring in new innovations to the field of gambling in 2021.

1. Storytelling

Older slots or online pokies used to be simple games that offered a slot machine to match the symbols to win prizes. Over the years, storytelling slots tied to 3D video slots have caught up, which is more engaging than ever. Instead of just watching the symbols spin on the reels, there is a plot that you need to follow based on the slot theme. It is just like storytelling, where there is a hero you root for and a villain you defeat. These slot machines come in various themes like a superhero, fairy tale, or galaxy based. One such example of a famous storytelling slot is Immortal Romance by Microgaming, based on a blood-sucking vampire love story like the Twilight and Vampire Diaries.

2. Live Dealer Casinos

Though players enjoyed 3D video slot games, it did not bring about the same feel as visiting an actual land-based casino. This was when gaming developers came up with the concept of live casinos where live dealers were streamed through high-speed internet broadcasted HD quality video and directly connected with players. These dealers actually sit in a live casino or a studio designed to look like a real-life casino to give you the thrill of actual gambling. Though this concept has been around for years, it has only recently become more popular, especially because the actual land-based casinos were closed for months due to the pandemic.

3. 3D Games

Graphical innovation in recent years is immense, which is why the gambling game providers could offer innovative and crisp graphical games that reduced the difference between virtual and reality. The characters of the games displayed in 3D are so realistic with beautiful CGI scenery to offer a richer gaming experience for you to become engrossed in the gameplay. The 3D slots such as The Rift slot by Thunderkick or Jungle Jim El Dorado slot by Microgaming are the classic examples of topnotch 3D slot games.

4. Mobile Casinos

Online gambling was introduced for home desktops initially. Honestly, smartphones did not exist so vastly back then. Smartphones have been around for years, but not many people could afford them due to the gadget’s high cost. We have seen people shifting to smartphones recently as the technology has advanced so much that the phones’ prices are coming down for high-tech smartphones. As more and more people are using smartphones now, mobile gambling has been on rising ever since. This is why gaming developer has shifted their focus on offering all the desktop games on mobile phones, they have shifted from flash-based games to HTML5 which makes the gameplay compatible with all devices. Also, developers are nowadays going as far as designing casinos with the mobile-first approach to cater to their larger mobile gaming-based audience.

5. Avalanche Reels

It’s been quite a while since these reels have come into existence, but we had to add this to our list as it is one of the most innovative changes that gaming developers have come up with, which changed the way slots are played. It was initially introduced by NetEnt when their popular game Gonzo’s Quest was launched, which offered an Avalanche reel. Traditionally most slot machines spin as you play the game. The difference here is that the symbols do not spin but fall down on the screen, just like what an Avalanche can do. If a player lands a winning line, the line’s symbols explode, which is exciting to watch. This graphical innovation is refreshing, so many developers are bringing in more such slot machines that look different from usual.

6. Multiple Screen Slots

When you play a brick and mortar casino game, you cannot switch between different games without leaving your seat. Online gaming is much different and offers larger flexibility. One such innovation that not many players are aware of is multi gameplay. Gaming providers offer a multi-screen slot facility where gamblers can switch between different slots at once. This can also be done for table games and online poker games known as multi-tabling. This kind of gameplay is advantageous for players, as it only increases their winning chances but lets them enjoy multiple games without wasting any time.

7. Soundtrack

This has been neglected for years. When we talk about gambling games, we focus on discussing the graphics and gameplay but forget about the soundtracks. Gaming providers have now made it a point to not ignore this aspect, as the sense of game sound also excites the players and improves gaming experience. Gameplays based on series like the Game of Thrones use the title track’s music to transport players to the world of the battle for seven kingdoms. With more game providers not neglecting this aspect, what we are delivered as a final result is the best version of online gambling games in 2021. 

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