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Chatbots and How Efficient are They

Chatbots and How Efficient are They? Chatbots represent one of the most effective retention strategies in Internet business nowadays. They are a key element in driving customer engagement and one of the best ways to keep-up with high interaction on a given site. Many sites benefit from the integration of these tools to maintain a well-balanced bounce rate. Other similar techniques are described on specialist sites like Howtohosting Guide.

What Are They and How Do They Work?

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By definition, a chatbot is a software service that is programmed to hold a conversation with a live human. They are also called virtual assistants and are designed across written scenarios, programmed logic, and artificial intelligence. Most modern chatbots are accessible via forms, interactive screens, and other frequently-placed website elements. In website design, two main chatbot types are usually considered:

  • Interactive Element Appearance — These chatbots aim to explain and lead the visitors through a certain website function, service, or feature. They can take the form of guided text, graphical animation, or another element;
  • Human Appearance — By adopting an identity of a human being, most of the chatbots can “emulate” a conversation that is typically carried out by customers and website agents.

Integration with the site can also be done by using contemporary communication methods such as messaging apps, wherein the bot will be allocated the given identity. If configured correctly, they will “talk” on behalf of the website and communicate in a language expected from them. Their internal logic is composed of prepared in advance message sequences written based on a given number of preset scenarios. They are triggered by the typed responses from the website’s visitors and delivered in turn to them. Depending on the structure and behaviour models, some sentences may be shown in advance, and the visitors will have to respond to them. Most companies that provide such services seek to use a combination of scripts and artificial intelligence produced tailor-made for the customers’ specific needs and target niche. Select models and logic are implemented that correspond to the habits and behaviour of the visitors. During the bot’s implementation, the production companies will ask their clients detailed information about the way their visitors navigate and interact with the site to produce the most appropriate bot.

Risks and Disadvantages of Chatbots

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One of the most challenging jobs when working with chatbots is its maintenance — they require frequent control and revisions to check-up on their performance on the host websites. As they are mostly automated, artificial intelligence agents that respond to users’ interaction, their delivered content (output) will vary according to the provided content. If there is an improper configuration, wrong information can be provided to the users, which can negatively affect the company. Furthermore, websites implementation may be difficult, especially when done in multiple channels at once. Most chatbots will require access and special privileges to work with social media accounts, instant messaging apps, and other essential areas. Website administrators need to be extra careful when enabling dynamic answers — this is the feeding of information to the chatbot in response to users’ queries. This will trigger the internal artificial intelligence engine to learn new replies. This is usually beneficial to the overall performance. However, some ill-mannered visitors can “trick” the agent into providing inappropriate responses.


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Wherein chatbots provide an invaluable service in easing customer support and other areas where frequent interaction is performed; they are also challenging to set up and maintain. Product integration still requires manual work. The consultation companies that provide such services offer a list of essential requirements that have to be met before the chatbot is delivered. Using advanced artificial intelligence technologies, these services receive constant updates, so the customers must always look-out for new features and options that they can toggle to optimize the agent software’s performance.

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