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iGaming Trends To Watch Out For This 2021

With only scrolling and clicking on sleek screen devices, you can bet, play, and earn great rewards anywhere and anytime. This is the forefront of innovation of the gambling industry called ‘iGaming’. It is an umbrella term referring to all forms of online gambling, such as live casinos, online sports and esports betting, crypto, binary trading, and so much more.

As reported in a global statistics research by PR Newswire, the iGaming sector is expected to reach $127.3 billion by 2027. Quite grand, isn’t it? Given how it walks alongside technology and widespread recognition across the world, here are six trends that explain its outstanding growth. 

1. Crypto-based online casinos

Blockchain Technologies this is the Future of Online Casinos

Traditional payments in online casinos are slightly overshadowed by digital currencies. However, some sites like Casinodays accept both, offering more options to their customers. In fact, a little beyond the gambling culture, the steady growth of the latter assets are the recent preferred option of gold-aficionados, such as those in India and Turkey. They refer to Bitcoin as ‘digital gold’.

Innovation aside, digital currencies are among the most ideal solutions in security, convenience, and privacy. For one, you can place bets anytime and anywhere because geolocation-based restrictions are not applicable. It refers to the poor access due to regional recognition and limited support of fiat currencies. 

2. Mobile-friendly gaming

17 Phone Games to Help You Survive Social Distancing

As said before, technology is the no.1 potent driving force of online gambling. This breakthrough has made it possible for gamers from all around the world to take part in. 

Back then, the concept of live casinos didn’t soar right away. It took more than two decades to fully take shape, all thanks to the refined upgrades of PC units, reliable internet, and the advent of smartphones. With how great technology evolves, imagine how the iGaming sector grows further yet also gets closer by a distance. 

In fact, you don’t have to picture it anymore because software providers are in a race in developing new games that are suitable for mobile phones, tablets, and other similar gadgets. 

3. Skill-based slot games

How To Improve Your Gaming Skills

Gone are the days when slot machines paid out rewards in just two or three spins. Now, not only are they versatile and have easy access, but they also have improved to greater heights in order to cater for the new generation of gamblers. This demographic, called millennials, are more conscious of spending money. Since they grew up with video games, they are not impressed with gambling as older people regard them as great leisure activities. 

4. Wider scope of esports betting

With Sports on Hold, Restless Gamblers Turn to Videogames

Aside from the massive fame of slot games, esports betting is also a fastest-growing section in iGaming. Similar to traditional sports, esports tournaments are televised and streamed online. 

Despite the fact that it still experiences the long-standing debate whether esports is an actual sport or not, the available esports betting markets are even as lucrative and diverse as the physical sports markets. 

5. VR-based games are on the rise in slot games and live casino

Virtual reality is starting to see actual gains in gaming

VR (virtual reality) and AR-based (augmented reality) slot games and live dealer games are becoming mainstream. Thanks to the rise of dedicated slot games providers, they bring the casino to your home.  

6. Strong security with AI 

AI will be a crucial tool in the fight against next-generation security threats

While licenses guarantee the legality of online casinos like Casinodays, another factor to consider in choosing a gambling platform is their used technology. An example of a widely trusted programme is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), and here’s how it transforms and betters online gambling.

  • Cheat-proof — AI bots are drawn up in spotting patterns of cheating schemes in all online games. They are a far greater substitute than land-based casinos’ CCTV cameras and eagle-eyed staff.
  • Discerning gambling addicts — Since no single person or institution owns the internet, it’s a challenge for online casinos to identify gambling addicts and cheaters. AI bots enter and help by analysing players’ data and game history.

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