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CoinGeek Conference New York Day 1 Highlights

The much anticipated CoinGeek Conference kicked off on Tuesday October 5th with some informative information, facts and figures provided by Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President, Bitcoin Association, in his opening monologue. Jimmy has hosted these events for some time, and he always manages to outperform each of his previous performances. This event’s theme, ‘It’s About Time’, draws reference to it being time for the BSV blockchain to be embraced, developed, and recognized as the only global blockchain.

“There is only one global chain, because as we’ll learn, one blockchain means more efficiencies, more interoperability, more access to real time data and the truth of transaction history,” stated Nguyen. These were powerful opening remarks that echoed Sataoshi Nakamoto’s vision in the original Bitcoin white paper.

Sky’s The Limit!

In an email to Mike Hearn, back in 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto stated Bitcoin has no scale ceiling and could already scale larger than the entire Visa credit card network with its existing hardware and do it for a fraction of the cost. Fast forward to today. BSV is performing nearly 3,000 transactions per second and by year’s end could surpass Visa’s 24,000 transactions by more than double to 50,000 transactions per second. Strong results supporting the idea that there is only one blockchain capable of supporting unbounded growth for supporting transactions on a global scale.

Throughout the day, there were many guest speakers that shared their respective company’s support of the BSV blockchain and why they chose it to build their operating platforms on it. Everything from IT to VR and AR, iGaming to eSports and more were on hand showing off the latest and greatest offerings.  There was also a powerful keynote speech by Dr. Craig S. Wright. The afternoon included the top three finalists competing in the BSV Hackathon presenting their entries to the judges. There was never a dull moment.

Fun With Digital Coin

Haste Arcade and Omniscape provided some very cool interactive fun for everyone with their respective offerings. Trying some of the games on Haste Arcade is not only enjoyable but provides a nice revenue stream for gamers provided they are able to achieve higher scores than other players. Even the payouts of BSV are done in real time. Omniscape’s AR and VR app gave users the opportunity to grab up some BSV with their much-anticipated coin drops throughout the day. It also gave all conference participants the ability to cast a vote for their favorite BSV Hackathon contestant. They even created a new character in the app in the spirit of Halloween. They came up with a colorful flying bat that tries to take a virtual bite!   If you were unable to watch live, the conference sessions as well as offstage interviews and other must see footage are able to be viewed on CoinGeek’s YouTube channel after each day’s final words.

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