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Video Game Genres Every Serious Gamer Needs to Try at least Once

From its creation, video games have created a buzz in the digital world for quite a few decades now. Everything from simple games for small children to video games with extreme content meant only for gamers of a certain age, video games are constantly evolving and changing.

In fact, some of the biggest gaming companies are investing so much that the gaming industry is more lucrative than the movie and music industries! How is the gaming industry becoming one of the online world’s most lucrative industries? Well, it relies solely on innovation. Gaming developers are continuously looking to develop new games and launch them under different genres, recreate old games with new and improved graphics and updated storylines, and overall enhance the graphics of games to keep gamers wanting more.

You better believe that there’s a lot of investing and man-hours that go into this industry and the fact that the industry is projected to reach 150 million dollars by the year 2022, it makes the investment worthwhile. But in order for those investments to pay off, it’s going to take gamers actually wanting to play these games.

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Now, as an avid gamer, there are certain games that you enjoy more than others, and it’s those games that you find your niche in. Having a gaming niche is fine but don’t you think that in order to be able to call yourself a true gamer, you have to have a working knowledge and skill in multiple genres of games?

There are actually quite a few different game genres out there but if you’re a serious gamer, you at least need to get your feet wet in the most popular genres, so that if the occasion arises where you’re challenged to a game outside your gaming niche, you’ll at least be able to hold your own, win or lose. 

Take a look at some of the most popular gaming genres that you have to try at least once, even if it’s not your favorite game type.

Popular Game Genres Every Serious Gamer Needs to Try at Least Once

Sports Games

The best sports video games to play while you wait for soccer and the NBA to come back

What is America’s favorite pastime? Sports. What better way to enjoy sports, other than watching it, than to play it on a video game? Since the beginning of the gaming culture, sports games have always been one of the most favored gaming genres.

Why are sports games so beloved?

Because not only do they simulate real physical sports but they also allow you to step inside the shoes of some of your favorite athletes, past and present.

Racing Games

The Best Racing Games of All Time

Since its emergence in the mid-70s, racing games have been that instant gratification for those who “want to go fast” but can’t do so without injuring themselves as well as others. You may not have grown up wanting to be a NASCAR driver but through racing games, you can’t deny just how close you come to sitting in the driver’s seat with the enhanced graphics of the video games!

There are actually quite a few racing games out right now. You can always search Xbox Series X racing games and then you can take the advice of friends and fellow gamers on which ones are the best. The beauty of racing games is that a lot of them aren’t just “racing games.” A lot the racing games out today have branched out into other genres with complete storylines, and even acts of violence. 

But that’s the beauty of racing games… it’s diversity and adaptability. That reason alone is why this genre has always been a step ahead of other game genres, from a revenue and innovation perspective.

Adventure Games

25 best adventure games to escape into right now

Adventure games allow players to step into alternate universes while completing each adventure by collecting important items necessary to the adventure, solving riddles and puzzles, and exploring different lands. 

These games truly coerce you into using your imagination, which is one of the most appealing aspects of these types of games… People have to go to work and operate in an environment they don’t like… Once they get off of work, they can then play an adventure game and escape their own reality, which is something people rarely get to do.

First Person Shooter Games

The 25 best FPS games of all time

This game genre is based on shooting and combat with other weapons from a first-person perspective. These games are, of course, violent in nature, but that’s why there is an age requirement for these games because the graphics are so realistic and life-like that bringing harm to a character in the game can look grotesque for a younger player. But this genre does an excellent job of putting the player in the shoes of their character.

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