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There’s Nothing Artificial About This Intelligence

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For many years, Artificial Intelligence has seemed like some space-age future we should aim to avoid. Thanks to movie depictions of robots who are too smart for their own damn good, many of us imagine that the days of AI would spell bad news for humankind. When we think of letting artificial intelligence into our lives, then, we imagine scheming machines and the end of all days. 

In reality, though, we’ve been living with AI for a while now and, guess what? It hasn’t killed us yet. Far from attempting to take over our lives, AI has gone a long way towards simplifying near enough everything we do. And, that’s something many business owners and companies are starting to notice. 

AI now makes itself known in the workplace when it comes to everything from smart assistants like Siri, to programs which automate our processes for us. There are now everything from accounting to presentation softwares which allow us to produce stunning results with minimal effort in a way which wouldn’t have been an option as little as ten or fifteen years ago. Yet, there are still some business managers who steer clear. Primarily, fear in this area is less about killer robots and more about worries over employment redundancies. Many of us have concerns that AI will soon replace traditional employment. And, if technology can do away with employees, how long will it be until businesses start running themselves?

In reality, though, this is as much a misconception as those space-age ideas about what AI entails. When you look into the issue, it’s plain to see that AI stands to enhance rather than replace job roles. And, here’s why. 

AI works best with human input

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Ideas of artificial intelligence taking over have been mainly scuppered with the realization that AI always works best with human input. The fact is that machines simply don’t have the capabilities to work without help from employees. There needs to be human input in everything from buying AI technologies and software to setting it up with your systems and ensuring it runs smoothly. For this reason alone, fears of AI making employment redundant aren’t relevant. We may have come far in the technology stakes, but we’re a long way away from machines which can let themselves into your office and make their own way into your systems. As such, you can still rest easy that a team and, more importantly, a manager will be vital no matter how artificial your intelligence gets. 

Data can’t analyze itself

Along the same vein, it’s worth remembering that data can’t analyze itself. The analytic capabilities of AI are one of the best benefits for businesses right now. The right intelligent software can collect analytics in anything from customer behavior to website interactions. But, there has to be someone on the other end who understands what it all means. While an AI system may be able to implement small changes based on findings, the big stuff will still fall to you and those around you. In this sense, you could argue that AI creates rather than removes jobs, as you’ll need to add data analysis onto the rota. The good news is that you’ll be able to get away with checking up on those stats far less often if you’ve got machines keeping an eye on things for you. The even better news is that there will still be calls for regular attention of the human variety as well. 

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AI takes care of the jobs that no one wants

Bear in mind, too, that AI typically takes care of those niggly little jobs which no one else wants. For the most part, business-based AI solutions revolve around simplifying long-winded processes or even eliminating redundant tasks from your to-do list. Rather than taking over someone else’s job role, then, you would soon find that AI software simply settles those tasks which you always struggle to fit into your delegations. For instance, AI can help you to filter through things like spam emails and sales calls so you can all focus on the messages which matter. Some AI systems can even deal with minor queries such as password replacements and such. If you do enough research, you may even be able to find AI software which can sort through the fine print of legal contracts and the like for you. These are sure ways to improve your business processes without stepping on anyone’s toes. In fact, you may find that your team embrace changes like these with open arms and sighs of relief.

Intelligence can lead to new opportunities

Don’t forget, either, that the right artificial intelligence can lead to jobs. Consider, for example, the impact AI can have on the amount of custom you get. By analyzing every aspect of customer interaction and marketing, specific software could help you to recognize potentially untapped audiences, This, in turn, could see your workload growing in ways that it never would if you didn’t let technology take over sometimes. 

Equally, certain AI systems can help to recognize potential new product lines or developments using research methods. Again, though, those systems in themselves can’t make and market your product single-handedly. That task will always fall to you and the team around you. 

AI for HR

Human resources are there for the employees. Everyone knows that. And, AI looks a whole load more appealing from a personable point of view when you consider that AI and HR now often go hand in hand. The fact is that human resources departments have always had their troubles. In some instances, employees will even avoid visiting a physical HR office for fears of colleagues seeing or overhearing. Hence why many employers are finding it beneficial to improve HR capabilities with AI. That way, team members can raise queries, book their vacations, and even seek references through a straightforward computer system. If that’s not a case of artificial intelligence enhancing the workplace for everyone, then we don’t know what is.

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