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Product Comparison: What Are the Top 10 Security Cameras for 2019?

Modern technology has really changed the game when it comes to security.  It used to be the case that security cameras were used only in banks and other high-risk commercial settings, but today, these technologies are affordable enough that even the average homeowner or small business owner can afford to take advantage of them.

Security technologies are changing all the time.  Property owners who want to keep up should be upgrading their equipment at least every few years.  This article will offer some insight into ten of the best security cameras available in 2019, ranging from budget-friendly options to professional-grade surveillance equipment.

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

The Nest Cam IQ comes in two different models, one designed for indoor use and one for outdoor use.  While this popular manufacturer faces some stiff competition in the indoor segment, its IQ Outdoor is known as one of the most sophisticated cameras on the market.  The camera features high dynamic range, a 4K image sensor, and person detection that allows it to zoom in on people who walk into its field of view.

Ring Spotlight Cam

This Spotlight Cam is perfect for property owners who want easy set-up and versatility.  It is available in both plug-in and battery-powered models, can be purchased in either black or white, and requires very little set-up.

The Spotlight Cam also features two-way communication, motion detection, LED spotlights, night vision sensors, and a 110-decibel security siren that can be set off to scare away any suspicious visitors.  Given its impressive features list, the Ring Spotlight Cam is also surprisingly inexpensive, usually weighing in at around $200.

GeoVision GV-FER12203

It’s hard to beat the GeoVision GV-FER 12203 Fisheye Rugged Camera when it comes to video quality and features.  The camera allows users to watch live video without even having to install software on their computers and comes absolutely packed with features, including motion detection, infrared surveillance, privacy mask, and web notifications.  

The GeoVision GV-FER12203 isn’t for everyone.  It’s a professional camera, so it’s quite expensive in comparison to those designed for home and small office use.  If money isn’t an object and property owners are looking for maximum security enhancement, though, this good fisheye camera is one of today’s market leaders.

Nest Hello

Want a more subtle solution to providing excellent home security?  The Nest Hello is a low-key video doorbell that can be integrated with both the Nest Cam IQ and Google Home.  Its sleek design is perfect for contemporary homes and its features, including facial recognition, can be fully unlocked for just $5 per month.

As of the writing of this article, the Nest Hello is the only video doorbell popular on today’s markets that offers facial recognition and IDs of friends and family members.  It’s a great addition to any security-conscious smart home.

Arlo Wireless

Even in 2019, some property owners just aren’t interested in fancy tech and extra features.  The Arlo Wireless may offer an appealing option to them. It does feature motion-detection, night-vision, and cloud-based storage but it is a comparatively bare-bones alternative to the other cameras on this list.

InvidTech ULT-P2PTZ20

This 2 Megapixel plug-and-play camera features 20x optical zoom and 128 GB of local storage in addition to free central management software.  This outdoor camera is surprisingly rugged, able to maintain normal operations in temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit and designed with weather resistance in mind.  It should be noted that other, more expensive options are also available from InvidTech for those who want better zooming capacities or more added features but the comparatively simple ULT-P2PTZ20 holds up just fine on its own for most purposes.

Dahua Outdoor Bullet Camera

Looking for the most budget-friendly possible solution?  Look no further than Dahua’s 4 in 1 Outdoor Bullet Camera.  For just $52, this camera shouldn’t be expected to perform miracles but it has earned its place on this list by providing surprising features like night vision monitoring and 4MP HD sensors.

The Dahua Outdoor Bullet Camera isn’t going to produce the highest possible quality of video, nor is it going to offer the kinds of features available from most of the other products on this list.  It will, however, offer a reliable source of surveillance video that can be relied on to deter potential burglars and catch those that aren’t deterred in the act.


This discreet yet effective security camera from IC Realtime offers all of the advantages of a traditional surveillance camera without the off-putting effects.  It uses progressive scanning through a 3.7mm pinhole lens to keep an eye on the entire room and motion detection to ensure that property owners don’t waste power.  In fact, it requires just 4.0W of power for normal operation.

There are a variety of reasons that property owners might want to employ indoor surveillance cameras without putting their guests on their guard.  Of course, the IC Realtime ICR-SMOKE-IR doesn’t offer the same deterrence factor as a traditional, box camera or fisheye camera. It does make it much easier to capture footage of people going about their business without immediately realizing that they are being observed.

GeoVision GV-AVD8710 Vandal Proof IP Dome Security Cameras

GeoVision actually makes several different vandal-proof dome security cameras ranging in image clarity from 2MP to 8MP.  These three outdoor cameras are adjustable on three axes and offer all of the essential surveillance features with the added benefit of being exceptionally vandal-resistant.  They’re also affordable, ranging from just under $200 to just over $400, making them a perfect entry-level option.

Idis DC-S1283WHX Full HD 30x PTZ Speed Dome Camera

This full HD 1080p resolution speed camera has a high price tag but for those with the money to spend, it’s worth the cost.  Like the last camera, it’s highly vandal-proof. However, it also offers a number of impressive features such as 30x optical zoom, a low light enhancer, a digital image stabilizer, and even a built-in heater.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right surveillance camera is largely a matter of understanding context, setting a budget, and researching every option that is able to meet the property’s unique needs.  The ten cameras listed above offer a wide range of options when it comes to price, weather resistance, durability, image quality, and feature availability. Any of them would make a good addition to a modern surveillance system.

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