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Tech Dissection: Lorex Security Camera Systems

Technology trends drive the world forward into the future. The latest gadgets let people live better, more meaningful lives, and it’s also cool to have neat stuff. Of course, the newest gadgets aren’t worth much if they don’t fill a function for personal or business use, and that’s why security camera systems like the new line of Lorex Technology cameras are so rad. They combine functionality and style, tech and design. Here’s a tech dissection of the Nocturnal Security Cameras from Lorex.

Introduction and Design

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The Lorex Nocturnal 4k Ultra HD security camera system says much of what makes it so great in the name itself. Its shape is clean and unobtrusive, and comes in either matte black or white. It is made from heavy-duty metal, ensuring it will stand up to the elements. It doesn’t really matter what’s on the outside, though, it’s the technology inside that counts.

For Whom and Where?

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The Lorex Nocturnal security camera system is perfect for high-traffic areas. Whether you live in the city or just on a busy street corner, the Ultra HD, coupled with enhanced FPS, ensures nothing will go unnoticed. Furthermore, as their name suggests, the Nocturnal Series features full-color ambient light night vision as well. Low-light night vision needs no more light than a front porch bulb or street lamp to render the nightscape in full vibrant colors. That’s why these cameras are great, even at night, for those who live in busy areas.

Fastest Frame Rate

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While 4K and mega pixel quality always snag the headlines, frames per second (FPS) is just as important, if not more so. An average person walks at about 4 feet every second at a normal stroll. When a person runs, they can cover 16 or more feet in a single second. Why is this important? Because many security camera systems have low frame rates, only catching large or obvious events. A camera that shoots at 1 FPS, for example, might miss a person who runs through its field of vision. FPS dictates how much can happen between frames taken by a camera. In 2016, the average FPS for security camera systems was between 6 and 10 frames per second. Compared with the Lorex Nocturnal Series, this is laughable, as these cameras shoot with 30FPS, nearly unheard of for cameras of this nature.

Video Features

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Designed for those who don’t want to miss even the smallest detail, these cameras not only shoot in 4K Ultra HD, they do so 24/7. With Power over Ethernet (PoE), the Nocturnal line wires directly into a building. All video is stored on an NVR, which is designed for vast amounts of IP camera footage. Furthermore, the PoE aspect of these cameras enables the 4K quality, as the amount of bandwidth 4K video requires is not yet supported wirelessly.

Talk of The Market

With so much on offer, don’t be surprised when Nocturnal Series copy-cats crop up in the year ahead. The sleek design, the superior resolution and impressive frame rate, not to mention the long-range night vision, all place Lorex Nocturnal Series on the top of the market. How long it will take for others to catch up remains to be seen.

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