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Upgrade Your Home with IoT and Nest

If you were at CES in Las Vegas this year, or kept up with the coverage coming out of that event, then you’ve heard that Vivint and Nest are working together to integrate their service offerings. Many internet of things (IoT) devices have taken another step toward upgrading the smart home experience by integrating with Amazon’s Echo to bring full voice control to the smart home. Companies like Vivint are also working on their own smart thermostat called Element that can interface with Amazon’s Echo. With this potential, it can be easy to see why people are springing for this service pairing or networking their smart gadgets together. Here are just a few ways that it can benefit your own home.

Full control over your home

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We are as close as ever to truly automating a home in a meaningful and harmonious way. Now, with the Nest Learning Thermostat and other connected devices, you get one step closer to a zen-like smart home, thanks to it’s already robust device integration abilities. For example, this smart thermostat already integrates with Amazon Echo, smart ceiling fans, intelligent shades, door locks, light bulbs and even smart washing machines. Integrating Nest into a smart home security package or standalone device can feel like you have the keys to the Internet of Things castle. Programming devices together is a breeze thanks to Vivint’s careful integration of these products.

Enhanced security


Never worry about your home when you’re away from home again. With the Vivint mobile app, check in and turn up or down the thermostat as you need. Also, check in on other aspects of your home, whether it be the doorbell camera or turning on the lights. Feeling safe and secure is important, but it doesn’t hurt to save money while you’re at it. This is where all the helpful remote features come into play. Programming your system to turn on and off lights at random intervals based on Nest’s “Home” and “Away” states is a breeze. Element can also keep you up to date while you are away with it’s smart mobile notifications. Other clever DIY features will keep would-be intruders at bay while you’re out.

Lower electricity bills

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Using your Vivint security system at home is just as easy as when you’re away, especially with the Vivint SkyControl panel that easily integrates with the new Element thermostat. This easy-to-use system saves money on your electricity bill and your learning thermostat optimizes your energy usage.

Future proof your home

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All of these benefits are a pretty sweet deal. Not only are you getting the top of the line in home security and automation, you can have peace of mind that these tools aren’t going anywhere. Staying ahead of the curve is what infiniGEEK does best, so arm yourself with knowledge and have the best on your side. A solid foundation is the best defense when future proofing your home. Keep these tips in mind and stay with infiniGEEK as we give you the latest in home tech every month.

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