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Home Security Gadgets to Keep Your House & Family Safe

Thieves and burglars always want to score from easy targets. Luckily technology has evolved and made home security easier and more affordable than ever before. Keep your home safe with the most state-of-the-art security gadgets on the market.

Wireless Security Cameras

Lorex LH024501C4WB 4-Channel 500GB ECO Blackbox 4 x 960H Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera System

Gone are the days of miles of wires that connect low-resolution security cameras to a single monitor. With Lorex wireless HD cameras you don’t even need a full monitor. Instead, stream live HD video on your mobile device or smartphone. No matter where you are, check up on things at home. Indoor or weatherproof outdoor cameras are far-seeing and provide a resolution of up to 1080p (depending on the cameras you deem appropriate for your needs). And better yet, there’s no monthly subscription needed.

The Smart Home

Smart Home Controller – Ninja Sphere

Make your home a smart home. Integrate a central hub, such as Ninja Blocks. Ninja Blocks links your thermostat, lights, TV and more. Not only can Ninja Blocks manage your household facilities, it also has a series of motion detectors, door and window tabs, so if anything goes amiss at home, you’ll know. With an iOS app, and website compatible on all wireless platforms, now you can see what the humidity of your bathroom is, in Seattle, when you’re in Costa Rica. With the Ninja Blocks door and window tabs, if anyone forces entry you’ll know about it immediately. Call the police, or a ask a close friend to check on your place.

Smart Locks

Goji Smart Lock FOB

Smart locks attach to any deadlock from the inside, so passersby won’t know you have one. They connect with your smartphone or mobile device with either Wi-Fi, cellular data or Bluetooth technology. With an app, grant your visiting friends and family access, even while you’re at work. On vacation? Give your dog walker access for the duration of your trip. It’s easy to revoke access at any time with a push of a button.

As of now, there are three smart locks in development, all will hit the market soon: Goji, August and Lockitron. While installation may vary depending on the smart lock you choose, all have similar capabilities. Goji has a unique feature of a peephole-style camera built into it so you can see who is at the door; August keeps a comprehensive log of who has gone in and out of your home; and Lockitron is the least expensive option, but still employs mobile capabilities from its website.

Light Timers

Philips Energy Saver Compact Fluorescent Dusk-to-Dawn 14-Watt Twister Light Bulb

It seems simple and not-too-high tech but setting your lights on a timer when you leave town helps deter any might-be thieves. Most burglars have very little interest in meeting you in your home during their invasion. They’d much rather be left alone with your valuables. So if they think you’re home, they’ll likely move on to an easier, less dramatic target.

Timers are inexpensive (this one is $12 from Amazon) and can be attached to any light that has a traditional plug. Reset these occasionally so they aren’t too predicable. If they go on and off at the same time every day, your decoy will be less convincing.

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    Before smart devices the security of the house is in the owner’s hand. Not only smart devices people should also include timely maintenance in their Home Security List. Timely maintenance, change of passwords, using unusual lengthy passwords and changing devices in time, will help to avoid certain unhappy things.

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