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Is AI About to Take Over HR

Concerns have been raised by people working in the HR industry as to whether technology will one day replace their jobs completely.

This concern is not without merit. HR software packages are so developed that they can handle some of the most important HR tasks without the need for human intervention.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the world of work, and the field of human resources (HR) is no exception. AI is already being used to automate a variety of HR tasks, such as screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and onboarding new employees. As AI continues to develop, it is likely that it will take over even more HR tasks.

Some people believe that AI will eventually replace HR professionals altogether. However, I believe that this is unlikely to happen. AI is a powerful tool, but it is not a replacement for human judgment and empathy. HR professionals are still essential for providing employees with the support and guidance that they need to succeed.

In fact, I believe that AI can actually make HR professionals more effective. By automating repetitive tasks, AI can free up HR professionals to focus on more strategic and creative work. This can lead to better outcomes for both employees and employers.

So, while AI is certainly changing the world of HR, I believe that it is more likely to augment HR professionals than to replace them.

But is there still a place for HR professionals in the workplace? Or will this industry start disappearing into another technology that deems the industry unemployable?

Let’s investigate.

Should Technology Take Over HR?

Will robots take your job? Humans ignore the coming AI revolution at their peril.

The question we should first ask ourselves is SHOULD technology take over HR?

My short answer is YES!

But wait, let me explain why. You see the HR work being done today has less and less to do with people, and more to do with admin. And why shouldn’t boring administrative tasks be taken over by artificial intelligence? Don’t your HR managers have better things to do?

And besides, there are numerous benefits to using technology for these tasks as opposed to people.


Human error is a common cause of workplace problems—especially when it comes to payroll. Not only does HR software do the work for you, it does so instantly; and automatically in the background.


Private employee data is also kept safe through an automated HR system, because no human intervention is needed for performing daily, weekly and monthly routine tasks. There’s very little chance of your employees’ information leaking out or being viewed by people who don’t have access to it.


HR software makes quick work of tasks that would usually take your HR people hours to do. This leaves a lot of free time open for your HR individuals. What’s the best the way to utilize that time?

Where Does this Leave Your HR People?

There are some employee needs that simply cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence. HR is a human-touch industry. And though some look at people as resources, good HR managers look at them as… well, people.

A New Designation for HR Professionals

Perhaps we should change the term, “Human Resources” to “Employee Engagement”. This is a strategy that’s proven its worth to successful business managers. And you can benefit from it too.

Employee engagement involves your staff in the business. It gives them a vested interest in growing themselves and your company.

But the best way to conduct employee engagement is to engage employees—and to do so actively, consistently and informatively. The first two are up to you. The information you need to conduct this employee engagement effectively is up to your HR software.

If you have good HR management software like Advance Systems’ HR mobile application, you will receive a summary of each employee’s performance, which will equip you to conduct your employee engagement appropriately.

How Can HR Software Help HR Managers?

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So who’s going to conduct all this employee engagement? Well, we can’t get machines to do it. Not yet, anyway.

This task should always have belonged to the HR manager. HR software hasn’t been designed to replace your HR department. it’s meant to compliment it.

With the help of the following features, your HR managers will be ready to conduct highly efficient employee engagement on a mass scale across your company:

  • Performance stats (automated)
  • Employee absenteeism (managed by employees themselves)
  • Employee leave (managed by employees themselves)
  • Employee goals (managed by employees themselves)

What Can HR Software Do for Your Business?

Payroll Automation

The greatest benefit to allowing AI to take over your HR management is that your payroll process is fully automated. There’s also a higher degree of accuracy when you allow AI to calculate this sometimes-sensitive work aspect.

Real-Time Updates on Employee Information

Because employees manage their own personal information & profile, all updates are done in real-time. There’s no need to manually “update” employee information on a regular basis, because they will do it themselves.

Absenteeism Management

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When you use HR software, absenteeism is recorded without the need for human resources to intervene. Leave days are updated on each individual’s profile. Where remuneration is concerned, these leave days will correlate with pay in certain cases.

Overtime and Late Coming Management

You will also be able to check each employee’s late days. This will constantly reflect against their profile, motivating them to come to work on time so that their records remain untarnished.

Performance Data Collection

Performance in general can be monitored and reviewed through an HR mobile app. You can insert your own criteria for performance; things such as:

  • Quality scores
  • Punctuality
  • Productivity

HR Software is the Key to Better Staff Morale

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With all these tasks being taken over by AI, your HR department can initiate that personal touch with employees they so desperately want.

Allow your HR department to connect your employees in a way that helps them identify with your company. This is how employee morale is boosted and maintained:

  • Employees feel connected to the company they work for, which generates loyalty and staff retention.
  • Work satisfaction increases because employees are doing what they love and excelling at their jobs.
  • Staff are less likely to leave when they have career goals to work towards; such as promotions, upskilling or job type changes.
  • Managers are selected based on their emotional intelligence and ability to lead teams—rather than on their qualifications alone.
  • Global performance stats motivate staff to push harder for enhanced profile scores.

As you can see, employee engagement has multiple benefits for your staff and your company. So isn’t it about time you freed up your HR department’s time to do what they do best?

So… Is AI Taking Over HR?

Now that you know the facts, do you actually want AI will take over HR? This is an industry that can’t be stopped. It’s quicker, more efficient and way more convenient than orthodox methods of managing human resources.

So do you think AI will take over HR? In my opinion, it already has.

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