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Why Geek is Now the New Cool in the Casino World

If you’ve ever spent any time in the online gaming world then you’ll know that gamers are geeks and we’re not talking about the World of Warcraft clan you might expect. No, as it turns out, online casino players are some of the biggest geeks on the planet.

While it might seem somewhat hard to believe, casino players, especially those who enjoy slots, have a hankering for comic book creations and sci-fi classics. Yes, when you think casinos your first thoughts will be James Bond and Danny Ocean. However, in the modern day, things are now digital which means it’s not all slick suits and high stakes.

For example, when you ante-up inside a new online casino such as Get Lucky you’ll find punters of all persuasions taking a shot at glory. From low stakes grinders to casual gamers, modern casino players now come in all shapes and sizes and it’s this dynamic that’s allowed geeky themes to reign supreme.

Again, if you take a tour through Get Lucky’s virtual domain, you’ll find a string of slots that boast comic book themes. Indeed, from Marvel to Eidos Interactive, some of the leading geeky franchises have been used to imbue online slots with a quirky theme.

Geeks in a Spin

Still not convinced? Here’s a quick look at some of the slots you can find when you ante-up inside an online game or app.


The Incredible Hulk: The famous alter ego of Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk is as much of a behemoth in the slots world as he is in real life. For as little as £0.01 per spin, you can take control of five reels, 50 win lines and hit a jackpot in excess of £1 million. Not only that, but you also get to tease the Hulk a little bit during your session.


Tomb Raider: Lara Croft captivated a generation when she hit computer screens in Tomb Raider, and since then she’s gone on to enliven a number of products, including slot games. Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword on sites is one such game that allows players to spin 30 win lines for just a few pence and win in excess of £100,000. Not only that, but an interactive Lara will appear on the reels at random intervals to open up a mini-game that’s reminiscent of the classic computer game.


Dark Knight Rises: When it comes to DC Comic heroes, Batman is one of the most iconic and, because of this, many developers have used his image to create blockbuster slots. By far the most impressive Batman slot is the Dark Knight Rises. Aside from featuring a mini-game that involves a fight between Batman and Bane, the Dark Knight Rises often boasts some of the largest jackpots in the industry. In fact, in years gone by it has been possible to win more than £5.5 million with this game.

Although live casinos are known as the home of society’s cool, calm and collected, the virtual world has become the reserve of geeks. Thanks to casinos hosting games featuring the Hulk and Batman, comic lovers and sci-fi fans can now indulge their passions in new and lucrative ways. In fact, such is the current dynamic, that geek is now the new cool in the casino community at least.

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