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Fun Browser Extensions You Didn’t Know Existed

Do you want to have some fun browsing the internet? I’ll show you a few browser extensions that are guaranteed to make you laugh. These browser extensions will help improve your mood and keep things interesting. There are plenty of free, easy-to-use browser extensions available that can provide hours of entertainment. So take a break from studying or working on homework and read through this article!

Many of us have a browser that we prefer to use on our computers, but it’s also possible to install extensions on different browsers as well. Extensions are programs that can be added to your browser and will add some sort of functionality. There are many extensions out there for all sorts of existing Internet browsers, so you might not know about all of them.

With that, here are 8 fun browser extensions that you didn’t know existed until today. These will surely bring you a little fun and a different browsing experience. (Read until the end for a treat!)

Block the Kardashians!

Download: Firefox

This Firefox extension is a matter of preference. If you’re sick of hearing and seeing news about the Kardashians, this extension is definitely for you. This extension will block any website with anything related to the Kardashian family in it. This means no more reading about how she was a featured story on some site or other, 8all day long – now you can just check out what life looks like without them being there. It works great at blocking words and photos that contain any trace of Kardashians on them!

Millennials Begone!

Download: Chrome

The word “millennial” is all the rage these days. But don’t worry, we old-timers have a way to take it back for ourselves. With this extension installed on your browser, you can replace every ‘millennial’ word present in a webpage with “pesky whipper-snapper”. You can’t completely get rid of all of them, but you at least keep yourself free of them!

Pacman Offline Game

Download: Firefox

If you always find yourself waiting for a web page to load because of a slow connection, you have to download this Pacman Offline Game Firefox extension right away. This lets you play the classic Pacman game without needing to be connected to an Internet connection. This will come in handy if you’re at home or at work, especially if you have lots of time to kill.

Panic Button

Download: Chrome

How many browser tabs do you have open at one time? We know it could be a lot and sometimes when we’re working on something important, our boss or friend comes into the room. That would not be good, right? So as its name suggests, Panic Button enables users to hide all of their open tabs by clicking just one button – saving them as bookmarks in an additional folder where they can easily access them again later if needed. 


Download: Chrome

If you’re tired of other people talking about Pokemon, you can install this Chrome extension that blocks any mentions of Pokemon there is across the web. We don’t know your reason for being this annoyed about Pokemons, but just in case you have to completely erase any trace of them you might come across on the web, it’s always reassuring to know that the extension is here for your pleasure.

Tabby Cat

Download: Chrome

If you’re a cat lover, Tabby Cat definitely needs to be on top of your list of essential Chrome extensions. Tabby Cat generates a new illustrated kitten in every tab, and it’s not just any cat – these felines each have their own unique behaviors that make them absolutely irresistible to watch – they blink or sleep when you’re scrolling through web pages. For example; some might even let out an occasional meow while you’re hunting around on Google Earth (or whatever other game is being played). So if having more than one adorable feline roaming about eating treats from your computer screen sounds good then this extension should be added to your Chrome browser right away!


Download: Chrome

So, you’ve been looking for an extension that doesn’t do anything and won’t affect your browsing in any way. Well, this might be the perfect thing! NOTHING ON THE INTERNET brings minimalism to a different level. As the name suggests, when you click on the extension, nothing will show up on the webpage, saving you from resources. The good thing about this, it definitely does not crash. So if you have nothing to do and you want nothing, NOTHING ON THE INTERNET is your way to go.

Hair on Screen

Download: Chrome

Rickroll your friends with this ultimate pranking extension exclusively for Chrome users! This extension makes the user think that there is hair (or hairs) stuck inside your computer screen and what makes it fun is that you get to watch your prank victim struggle with a non-existent hair on it. You can adjust the amount of hair you want to appear once you toggle the settings for the extension. Have fun!

Bonus: Ownage Pranks

Download: iOS or Android

You’re in for a treat! We’re letting you in for a secret: this prank call app is one of the best free iOS or Android apps you can download right now. Aside from a fun app that uses AI to make your prank victims think that they’re talking to a live person instead of a recorded one, they have a list of funny soundboards you can try on your next pranking session with your family and friends. Go ahead and try the app now if you want to become an instant hit!

And that was 8 of the not-so-hidden Chrome and Firefox extensions that you didn’t know existed. Download these extensions at your own risk and always read user reviews with anything you’ll download on the internet. Share this with your friends so they can check out these extensions as well. Happy pranking!

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