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The Most Played Games In 2021

The past few years have given our social skills a whole new meaning. The world has had to rely on virtual forms of both interaction and entertainment. Fortunately, we have not run short of these; if anything, more and more ways have been designed. And there are several great gaming accessories as well, thanks to developments in the tech industry. 

Through this, the gaming world has come alive, as the gaming industry is currently larger than sporting and movies combined, and with more games being invented as we go along, this industry has become heaven on earth for many gamers. The number of games to get into is endless, which has created an array of choices for them.


Did Fortnite Start The Battle Royale Craze?

What makes Fortnite so exciting is how unpredictable it is because it is constantly changing and remodifying itself. You never know what to expect or the direction it will take as you play, adding to the thrill of it all. They have also decided to incorporate famous people and their promotional events into the game, automatically pulling in a larger crowd to play. 

When using these strategies, records have been broken of players on their sites. provide much-needed guidelines on assisting most players.

League Of Legends

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With about 8 million loyal players across the globe, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the high ranking this game takes. The players for this game set their sights on making it the best, so they predominantly do not deviate from trying other games. They are pretty committed. Trailing not too far from Fortnite, it has one of the most-watched platforms. 


Countries in far East Asia have claimed this one as their favorite, especially since the game developed there. They are moving to phases of conversation with major technology conglomerates to create further advancements in their games, but nothing is concrete yet. It also comes in with the same amount of players as League of Legends, but this number is still an estimate and could be more based on its popularity. 

The West, however, has not yet caught its fever but has gradually been introduced to it. 


200+ Best Minecraft Creations

Regardless of the inaccurate data of how many players this game has now, there have been significant increases. Minecraft seems to pull large numbers of players in easily; its player base keeps growing in pretty remarkable ways. But with proper research and data, you will see their numbers have quadrupled from what they were over the past few years.  

Counter-Strike: Go

Essential CS: GO Tips for Beginners

Europe is where this game is most popular and seems to get the most traction in terms of players. Even though it has been around a long time, it has survived the newer games being introduced. What is even more formidable is the consistency in numbers it has carried throughout the past decade. 

The newer developed games have been coming in hoards. And it has been found that there has been a preference for tried and tested ones in existence longer. It has taken a while for most players to build confidence in these games, and once they get into them, the shift to other games always seems like more trouble than it’s worth. The reputation of the game is what pulls new players in as they sign up.

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