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Top 10 League of Legends Teams after Worlds 2019

So, the League of Legends World Championship 2019 is over. LPL teams from China have been the best in the world for two consequent years, meaning their region is the most skilled. 

Let’s not forget about that when taking a look on top LoL teams of today. 

1. FunPlus Phoenix

The winners of LoL Worlds 2019, these five guys were bound to lead this top 10 list of best League of Legends teams. Nobody expected them to win the tournament, and of course nobody could predict their undisputed dominance in grand finals. 

However, FunPlus Phoenix won the game against Fnatic in quarterfinals, and against Invictus Gaming (World champions of 2018). Both bo5 series were after FPX with the 3 to 1 score. And then, they just destroyed the strong G2 Esports lineup (3-0) without leaving them a chance.

As we mentioned already, their victorious ride was absolutely unpredictable. Even the bravest bookmaker wouldn’t bet on them too much before Worlds. They finalized as 7-8 in the LPL rankings of Summer Playoffs 2018. But then Doinb and Tian joined the team, and the results came at once. The Spring Split 2019 was after them. Their positions among the top LPL teams strengthened after they got two more 1st places at Summer Split and Summer Playoffs. 

2. G2 Esports

When speaking of top League of Legends teams, it is critical to have a long-lasting chain of consequent competitive successes. G2 Esports passed through the EU LCS qualification in 2016 and took the 1st place at once. That became possible due to their playstyle combining original strategy and tactics with excellent mechanics. As a result, the entire G2 roster of Mithy, Perkz, Caps, Jankos and Wunder is a correctly balanced mix of mind and muscles. It is almost impossible to imagine another team that could complement each other as ideally as they did. 

In 2018, they finished as top 3-4 team at World Championship after kicking one of the favorites – RNG – out of the distance and losing to future champions – IG. The year 2019 started from changes for G2 Esports. They invited an aggressive midlaner (Caps) after swapping the role of their previous mid lane player Perkz to an AD carry. Numerous LoL fans would find their decision crazy. And they would probably be right if there was any other team but G2. Why so? Well, right after that change G2 won the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational tournament and claimed themselves as one of the best League of Legends teams of today. 

Their road to success and recognition never was easy. However, they would never get the name of “Kings of Europe” if they couldn’t stay strong no matter what happens. G2 Esports overcame every obstacle, but unfortunately were unable to outplay FPX. Otherwise, they’d be at the very top of our list. 

3. Invictus Gaming (LPL)

Throughout recent years, people used to perceive IG as the “eternal second” LPL team though struggling hard to appear at international events and show good performance. Still, the whole story was over after they won Worlds 2018. Fans and skeptic bettors were made to reconsider the way they perceived Invictus Gaming. 

IG gathered huge talents. Their solo lane players (Rookie and TheShy) definitely are among the very best LoL esports professionals. Add fast decision making, calculated teamfights and devastative aggressive laning to the cocktail and you’ll understand why IG became the third strongest League of Legends team in this list. 

Of course, the year 2019 was not the best for them as IG lost MSI 2019 to Team Liquid. Still, their lineup and power are undisputed, so their place is totally deserved. 

4. SKT Telecom T1

SKT Telecom T1 is the team that got three Worlds victories (2013, 2015 and 2016), and participated in four Grand Finals out of nine. They definitely belong to the top of most titled teams in LCK and the entire world. This team will mercilessly dominate the opponent after the smallest misplay or the slightest weakness appears in the enemy’s strategy. Most likely, when SKT catch their opponents, they won’t let them go until the Nexus falls. 

The eternal pillar of SKT’s greatness is their midlane genius, frequently considered as the best professional LoL player on the planet regardless of the team’s successes. Of course, it is Faker. He is the gigantic person in the world of League of Legends competitive esports. The biggest Korean star is incredibly talented, has the strongest mechanical skills possible and obtains an incredible game sense. 

Though, SKT T1 had a slight downfall throughout recent years. Nevertheless, nobody can count on an easy win when playing against SKT.   

5. Griffin

Yes, the strong and talented IG lineup sentenced Griffin to quit the World Championship in quarterfinals. That was, without a doubt, too disappointing and early loss for Griffin. But they still are worth standing among the best League of Legends teams after Worlds 2019. 

Before they appeared at the main annual LoL event, Griffin took the victory in Spring and Summer Splits of 2019 LCK and reached the top-2 position in both playoffs. The only team they couldn’t go through was SKT T1. People considered Griffin as one of the top LCK organizations ever after they qualified to the highest Korean league in summer 2018. No matter that Korea itself fell behind China in the race of regions, Griffin still are immensely strong.  

6. Fnatic

Fnatic is the organization with the one of the richest histories in the world of esports in general, and the world of LoL in particular. In fact, they remained among top League of Legends teams since the very first season. It’s enough to say that Fnatic won the very first League of Legends World Championship in 2011. And throughout years, Fnatic grew along with the level of LoL competitive scene, never falling behind too much. Those who have watched the League competitions back in those days should remember the legendary Fnatic captain xPeke and his crazy victorious decisions along with pinpoint clutches. 

The fact that the team got even stronger after xPeke left the team is quite a surprise. The lineup with Reignover and Huni is considered as one of the most dominant rosters in history of European LoL competitions. Their international successes are also huge, so nobody should doubt their ability to give a good fight against any other top League of Legends team all over the world. The 2nd place at Worlds 2018 brought the EU region back to the league of strongest.

The year 2019 began well enough for Fnatic, though they lost the top position in LEC. The LoL entry was considered by the public as totally unlucky as Fnatic got to the “group of death” in the group stage. And they shocked everyone by winning both games against SKT and RNG in two final games to get the quarterfinal spot at once. 

Still, here the skill and luck of Fnatic couldn’t save them. They had to pass through FunPlus Phoenix to get to the semifinal, but we all know already which team became the Season 9 champion.  

7. Damwon Gaming

Damwon Gaming is a team with a history of rapid improvement. They appeared after the organization signed the MiraGe Gaming team that just got to the scene of the Korean Challenger league. Their first Challenger series competition was not as good as they might expect. They only reached the 5th place. Nevertheless, the CK 2018 Spring Split brought them more success – they got the top-2 position. Till the end of 2018, Damwon Gaming improved even more and took the victory in the Summer Split of CK 2018 while losing only one match throughout series. 

In 2019, they qualified for the LCK season and surprised the public with another rapid improvement and epic achievement as for Korea newbies – they finished 5th in LCK Summer Split. 

Keeping up with their progress, they went on getting better and took 4th and 3rd places in Spring and Summer Playoffs. Though their abilities and statistics couldn’t allow them appear at Worlds 2019 main events, they won LCK 2019 Regional finals and solidly grounded as the 3rd strongest team in Korea. 

8. Royal Never Give Up (LPL)

Fans in China frequently say RNG are cursed. Royal Never Give Up always stays on top of the best LoL teams ratings and lists, but they took their very first LPL title only in 2018. Their home league successes were not that impressive, but RNG demonstrate consistently great international performance. MSI, Intel Extreme Masters or even Worlds don’t seem to be able to confuse Royal Never Give Up with levels. They always set heavy resistance against the very best LoL teams. The year 2018 was especially remarkable – RNG were victorious in 5 events out of 6 they attended that season. 

There is a superstar player serving as the engine of great runs by RNG. Obviously, we mean Uzi, their ADC. Though RNG would never skip a possibility to improve and change their Lineup. Smart scouting and management of talents along with ambitions are reasons always bringing Royal Never Give Up to the top of LoL teams. 

9. Team Liquid

Until recent times, analysts, bookmakers and fans were extremely rate to include Team Liquid into the list of great LoL rosters. While staying on top of the ladder in many other esports disciplines, the organization couldn’t find their solid ground in League of Legends for long. 

The year 2018 brought changes. The edge of relegation made Team Liquid go farther than they planned to signup the roster of real League stars: Impact, Xmithie, Pobelter, Doublelift, and Olleh. The stack of talented and experienced LoL veterans brought the organization two consequent victories in LCS, and finally led them to greatness. Team Liquid quickly entered the number of best LoL teams in NA. 

Their road at international tournaments was tougher though. Nevertheless, Team Liquid wanted to reach more results there as well. CoreJJ and Jensen joined the lineup instead of Olleh and Pobelter to bring the third NA championship title to the organization. Their run went on during the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational. Despite they weren’t able to make it through the final, their spectacular win against IG, the current World champions, finally placed them among the top Western LoL lineups.   

10. Flash Wolves

Flash Wolves didn’t qualify to the Worlds 2019 at all, but this team is worth their place in this top 10. Flash Wolves got the 2nd place at the LMS Spring Split 2019, and were victorious at Playoffs. Then, they had a downfall but made it to the MSI and became 5th, losing one place to SK Telecom T1. 

There are no significant international successes behind Flash Wolves, but they regularly qualify for international events. Despite their unpredictable playstyle is a double-edged sword, it is exactly the feature turning FW into a remarkable crew.

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