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How Classic Gaming Franchises Found a New Home to Find Even More Success

Gaming is a strange case in the entertainment sector. Due to the rate at which the technology is evolving, some classic gaming franchises become restricted to the past. Some developers, however, have recently been piling into the craze of bringing classics to new platforms of play. Remasters aren’t uncommon in the current space and are rather popular. However, pivoting legendary brands to new formats has proven to be very successful, too.

Here are some of the biggest and best examples of classic gaming franchises finding a new home to extend their success further.

Shooting on a monitor to shooting on-the-go

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Since the first game launched in 2003 on PC, Call of Duty has been among the biggest games on the calendar each year. The first-person shooter that has explored wars of the past, present and future continues to sell millions of copies with each new release across consoles and computers. Being one of, if not the, biggest gaming brands in the world, staying the course would have been acceptable for Call of Duty, but publishers Activision decided to expand the franchise to a new space of gaming.

Mobile gaming is massive right now, but most importantly, mobile has become the go-to platform for gaming in developing games markets, such as India. It’s a gigantic market, as are the mobile scenes in established games markets, so Activision commissioned Call of Duty Mobile, as you can see at callofduty.com. The game stretches the platform a great deal, offering a reliable on-the-go Call of Duty experience, with the game earning over 250 million downloads in just eight months since its launch.

Fighting on a machine to fighting on your browser


Perhaps the most classic form of video gaming is that of arcade gaming. Going down to an arcade hall to insert some coins and play some great games was the normal way to game before home consoles became so accessible. Of all of the classic arcade games, Street Fighter is one of the most notorious. Following the first instalment four years prior, Capcom unleashed Street Fighter II: The World Warrior to the arcades.

Street Fighter II is widely considered to be one of the most important and influential games of all-time and is credited with the resurgence of arcade gaming. Today, the classic fighting game has a new home, with 2020 welcoming the Street Fighter II: World Warrior slot for retro game lovers to play on the app or via web browsers. With all eight of the original fighters to choose from, your spins pick your attacks as you battle to defeat fighters from around the world.

Conquering on PC to conquering with a touch-screen

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While the Total War series of historical strategy games has run since the turn of the millennium, Rome: Total War was perhaps the tipping point that shot the series into the mainstream. Playing as a faction of the Roman Empire, and later any faction, you’d seek to conquer Europe, western Asia, and North Africa to win total control of Rome.

Such a groundbreaking game, Rome: Total War is rightfully remembered as an iconic PC game. Now, it can be played even more conveniently with touch-screen controls. Found on apple.com, the Rome: Total War Collection comprises the original game and its two spin-offs – Barbarian Invasion and Alexander. It holds-up very well, with the touch-screen controls on portable devices giving it new and modern appeal.

Remastering is welcomed by many veteran gamers, but adapting major franchises to new environments gives something new and exciting to existing fans while offering modern appeal to new players.

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