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Geeky Gadgets That Are Well Worth Owning

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We all love our gadgets; lets face it, most of us are addicted to our phones, laptops, consoles and other tech that helps us to keep the boredom at bay. But now more than ever when we’ve lost many of our freedoms due to lockdown, geeky gadgets to have fun with are useful for keeping us sane. Here are some that are well worth checking out. 

Virtual pinball machine

Did you enjoy playing pinball machines as a child? Of course you did! This retro technology might not be so common these days but it has been brought back to life with modern graphics and gameplay. These full size arcade machines still have the look and feel of the old versions but with up to date ways of playing- perfect for your games or media room at home! Buy a virtual pinball machine and you’ll have hours of fun and entertainment that remind you of your youth at the arcade. 

VR headset

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Are you a keen gamer? Why not take it to the next level and consider using a virtual reality headset? It’s not new technology by any means at this point, but still something that many people haven’t properly explored. VR can offer a fantastic mix of entertainment and even learning to your living room, and at a time where we’re all spending more time indoors it can be a great way to have fun and kill some boredom. 


Best drone photos ever: Stunning images taken from the sky

The drone ‘trend’ might not be what it once was, but if you never jumped onto the wagon the first time around then it’s a fun one to play around with. Providing you’re following government social distancing guidelines and also drone guidelines then it can be a fun way to spend time. If you used to love remote controlled helicopters as a kid then this is an upgraded form of nostalgia! There is also a lot of diversity when it comes to drone and so if you don’t want one for photography and videography, get one for performing tricks in the air or racing. 



Segways can be so much fun, they’re the ultimate self-balancing scooter. Many are even Smartphone app-enabled meaning you can track your location, extend training modes, play games and compete in competitions with them! In most places in the world we’re allowed to leave home for periods of time during lockdown to get exercise and fresh air, so bring your segway along and make it extra fun. 

What fun, geeky gadgets have you invested in recently?

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