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Five Gift Ideas For Big Kids

Some of us never grow up, and still appreciate a gift for big kids. Whether you’re shopping for gamers or gadget-lovers, if you’re shopping for a gift for someone who still appreciates toys and games, it can be tough to get right. Here are some top gift ideas for the big kids in your life. 

Remote control toys

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Nobody grows out of remote control toys, and they’re a great way to encourage your geek out of doors occasionally too. A pair of remote control cars for racing, a remote control boat if they live near a good pond or have a pool, or remote control airplanes for adults are all really fun options. Remote control toys can be lots of fun to play with, especially if the person you’re buying for has friends who already have remote control toys, so they can play together.

Board games

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Does your friend love a game night? Go analog, and gift them with a great board game. These are great social options, and there is a vast choice for all levels of enthusiasts, from classics like Monopoly to more hard-core games like Risk. If they already have a lot of board games, why not gift some board game accessories? You can buy cool-looking dice, smart boxes for storing pieces in, or even special board game tables.

Retro games

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 Lots of old-school games have been remastered for newer consoles. If you know the person you’re buying for has an old favorite game from childhood, you could try and find a remastered version for the console they have, or for the PC. Some classic games have new versions out too, so you can grab remastered Sega Megadrive classics for the PS4 or the new Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Switch.

Geeky decor

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The bonus of being an adult geek is that you can decorate your home with as much decor stuff as you like. Lots of homeware on a geek theme is available now, especially from small sellers on sites like Etsy. You could buy a framed poster of a favorite movie or video game, or look for things like cushions with a comic book print, circuit board coasters, or plant pots shaped like Pacman ghosts. There’s lots online if you’re willing to spend some time hunting for something from your friend’s fandom of choice. 

Geeky kitchenware

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There is a lot of cookware on a nerd theme on the internet. If your friend is a big kid who loves to cook, this could be a great choice. You can find everything from ice cube trays shaped like Lego bricks, to pizza cutters shaped the Starship Enterprise. This could be a fun way to combine both their hobbies, and they’ll think of you every time they use the gift. It’s also a little more creative than the classic gift of a mug with a geeky print, which is often the go-to gift for people with geeky hobbies. 

Your big kid is sure to love any of these gifts, and you’ll be the boss of gift-giving. 

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