Cool Gaming-Inspired Room Decorations

Are you looking for some cool new ways to decorate your room, using your favorite comics and games as inspiration? You’re in luck! There are loads of ways you can get creative and give your room a new look without spending a fortune or masses of time on it. We’ll look at the ways you can adorn your shelves, walls, and desk with some of the coolest themed merch out there.

Custom die-cut stickers

Decorating a room with stickers is a cool idea. You can use stickers to decorate your walls, shelves, desks, laptops, and more, just about anything. If you can’t find a sticker you like in the store, you can also try to customize it online. It’s very simple and cheap. Customizing your own stickers is a lot of fun. You can design it with your favorite game characters, names or slogans. Besides decorating your room with these stickers, you can also give them to your friends who also love the game. This would be a unique and fun gift.

Find items that suit your style and interests

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Decorating your room can mean different things to different people: some people want to paint their walls or get new furniture, but this can be costly and time-consuming. Instead, getting – or making – small but fun decorations that scream volumes about your personality and interests can have just as strong of an effect. What’s more, these ideas also double up as great gift ideas for friends, so you’ll never be caught out without a present again. Here we take a look at four cool ways you can get decorating your room today.

Special pillow covers

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Pillows and cushions are amazing things: they keep you comfy when you are relaxing at home and they can add some flair to your room. That’s why they are a great place to start when it comes to decorating. Gaming throw pillows come in all different designs and shapes, so no matter what your favorite character or game is, there will be something to suit your taste and space.

Surprise deliveries

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These days there are delivery subscription boxes for just about everything – food, clothing, films – and now gaming too. Services like Lootcrate mean that you can get wearable items, comics, and all kinds of household decorations delivered to your door every month. This means you’ll never be short on new things to hang up, wear out, or present in your room.

Wall calendars

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Calendars are fun, practical and highly customizable, making them perfect for room decorating. With so many opportunities to place images of your favorite characters on each month and add notes to different days, your options are endless. If you’re going to get a wall calendar printed, just get it done professionally and choose from a range of different finishes – be it glossy or matte – for the best look for your room. No one wants to see some poorly made calendar!

New figurines

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Figurines are not only a fun thing to own but they can give your room a whole new look and feel. There are always a ton of new designs coming out based on all your favorite games and characters, so getting a few new ones is always a good option. Create a specific area of your room where you can put them all in formation for maximum effect. Figurines from Funko are perhaps the most popular these days, with figurines from DC, Marvel, Nintendo and just about everything in between.

Game lamps

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A video game lamp is one of the latest and biggest trends for gaming-inspired homeware. Pick from loads of different games and styles to find the light that suits you best. Not only does it look great but it’s also practical and can be used like any other lamp on your desk or bedside table.

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