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Buying a Gift for a Geek? Check out These 10 Gift Ideas Your Friend Will Love

Whether you are looking for a gift for your nerdy loved one or a geeky friend, buying a gift for a geek can leave you feeling perplexed, especially if you do not share the nerdy tendencies. The best thing to do? Plan in advance, find out what they really appreciate and do some research to find the best gift. The tricky thing is that your favorite geeky friend has, in all likelihood, already acquired the hottest technology, toys or electronics. But, that doesn’t mean that you should give up- on the contrary, this could give you the opportunity to find something even more special and unexpected.

And to do that, you need to think outside the traditional gift-box. This list below contains 10 gift ideas that your nerdy friend will fall in love with. They are all a clever combination of pop culture and practicality– and you will find something to suit every budget.

   Game of Thrones LEGO

Does your friend fawn over Game of Thrones? If so, then this gift will put a smile on his or her face. LEGO has been around to bruise parent’s feet for many years now, and every year a new toddler develops a love for LEGO toys. But, LEGO’s are no longer just for the kids anymore. These Game of Thrones LEGO figurines are a unique spin on adult gifts that will make any Game of Thrones geek happy.

And, what’s more, if Game of Thrones doesn’t so it for you, then why not look out for some other cult classic characters like Elvis, Star Trek, Deadpool and even Donald Trump.

   The Big Red BS Button

Looking for a gift under $10? Take a look at the Big BS Bullshit button. This toy is designed to be a funny statement for any social event, or, it could just be a hilarious gag gift to give a geeky friend. Without having to actually mutter one word, your friend will be able to call out someone talking trash with just the push of a button. That’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Once the button is pressed, you will hear a loud pre-recorded voice saying: “BS detected, take precautions” or “That was BS” accompanied by a loud siren as well.

   Paladone Super Mario Bros. Pixel Craft

There are few geeks who don’t love Super Mario Bros. The Super Mario brothers was one of the first video games that skyrocketed in popularity, and it was most probably the first video game that most geeks ever played. So, with all the pleasant Super Mario memories floating around the minds of most nerds, this Paladone Super Mario Bros. Pixel Craft is the ultimate gift. The Paladone Super Mario Brothers. Pixel Craft is a  paladone set that allows you to use the multi-colored magnetic pieces to recreate your favorite memories and scenes from the Super Mario games.

   QMx Firefly Playing Cards

Three heavyweights, Ben Mund, QMx and the famous Bicycle playing cards have joined talents to create the very Firefly Playing Cards. It is a deck the has the standard suits, card numbers and jokers, but it is designed to reflect aspects of fan’s favorite parts of Firefly.

You will recognize the  well-known Bicycle-grade paper but the cards will also be finished with a unique satin emboss.

This card deck is a great gift for any Firefly fans.

   Pop Cult Stranger Things Eleven with Eggos Figure

Stranger Things is one of the most popular shows at the moment. This means that there are some really great gift ideas for people that love Stranger Things. This gift in particular is a collectible figurine of Eleven, and even comes with Eggos.

   Moslian Decorative Pac Man Icon Throw Pillows

If your friend already has all the figurines stacked up on the shelves, why not get something a little different like these Pacman throw pillows.

Another classic video game, Pac Man is an all-time favorite. These Pac Man pillow cases are the perfect gift for anyone that loves Pac Man and is more of a practical person.

These pillow cases may be part of pop culture, but they are made with a quality satin fabric that will keep your friend smiling even after the novelty of Pac Man wears off.

   NES Cube Speaker

Is your geek friend into retro gaming? Chances are, you answered yes to that question. The NES Cube Speaker by 8Bitdo could be the perfect gift for your retro gaming friend. The speaker is much more than your average speaker, it is designed to look like the NES controller, with all the iconic features. And, of course, it is a wireless Bluetooth speaker, if you know anything about geeks than you know that this is a non-negotiable feature on any speaker. What’s more, with a battery life of 8 hours you can enjoy long periods of usage without needing to worry about recharging it. Gadget Flow is an important aspect of geek culture, and will be sure to put a smile on your friend’s face.

   Academy da Vinci Clock

This is a clock that, well, you guessed it, is based on the work of the great Leonardo Da Vinci. The clock is a well thought out design clock, that incorporates hints of Da Vinci’s work in all aspects of the design. The end design itself is not where the clever design ends, the assembling stage is also intuitive and streamlined. The pieces of the clock easily click together (without glue or head-scratching instructions) into a position that can be mounted on the wall or self-standing. What’s more, the clock has a pendulum that, due to the weight, is used as the power source.

   TrackR Bravo

This gift is perfect for anyone that is always forgetting where they put their keys, wallet, or other important things. The IR device can be placed on any item and can then be tracked with the TrackR App. The best thing about this gift is that the app will send you a notification if you leave the house without your keys or wallet- helping you to not only find your essentials but to stop you from forgetting them in the first place.

 Star Wars Silicone Ice Trays

This practical gift is perfect for anyone that likes to combine practicality with pop culture. Having your monthly star wars movie marathon? Use these Star Wars Ice cubes to add R2-D2 into your drink.

All of these gifts tap into some aspect of the nerd culture, and while they differ in what area of culture, they are all fun gifts to give you nerd friend. Whether choose to gift collectibles or something more practical, your friend will love their gift.

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