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Is It Better To Sell Or Trade In Your Old Video Games?

Every gamer has a collection of old video games they are never going to play again. For those who love collecting, this was part of the plan all along. But for the rest of us, they become relics of the past. We don’t need them anymore. While not quite clutter, they simply take up space. This is especially galling if we don’t have the funds to afford new games.

The good news is that you have the option to sell or trade in your old video games. Trading in is the simplest option, as you just have to take your games to a video game retailer. However, selling is not that difficult either. You can learn how to sell online with a website that provides all the tools you need to showcase your old games. You don’t even have to worry about the shipping process, as you can use services provided by your website builder.

Is it better to sell your old video games or should you just trade them in and get it over with? Here are some of the reasons selling is a better option.

Cash vs. Store Credit

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Part of the reason you are selling your old video games may be to buy new video games. However, you probably have more old video games than you need for this purpose. Nonetheless, if you trade your video games in, all you will get is store credit. You will have to use the money at that store even if you don’t want to buy anything there.

When selling online, you get the cash from the sales to use however you want. You can buy the video games you need, and use the rest of your money for other purposes.

Real Value

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What is the value of an old video game? That depends entirely on who you are selling it to. Video game retailers will give you a fixed amount for your game. However, if you sell online to video game fans, you may find people who are struggling to find the game anywhere and will pay a higher fee for it.

Certain video games, especially those which people consider nostalgic, are only going up in value. Selling your games online gives you the opportunity to price them accordingly, rather than settling for whatever the store offers. If you have the time and the will, you can even auction certain games off. In the event that a bidding war occurs, you can earn a fair amount of cash.

Whether or not this happens, you will certainly earn more money from selling your games online than you would from trading them in. The retailers give you the lowest price, so that they can make as much from the product as possible.

Build a Business

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Another reason you may want to sell online instead of simply trading in is that you can take the opportunity to build a side-hustle. When you create a website to sell your games on, you can use the platform to sell more than just old games. You can sell other old items you no longer use. You can also start selling other types of goods using tools like dropshipping.

If you really love gaming, you can dedicate some time to finding old games and merch and selling it to collectors using your site. You can make some good money this way, without having to get a second job.

Start Your Own Collection

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For those who love collecting, selling old video games does not need to be a decluttering exercise. Rather, you can sell the video games that don’t add to your collection, while meeting other collectors. They may be willing to sell you the games you do want. You can make a fair amount of trades, as well.

Finding a community of collectors is very satisfying. You get to share your passion with others while making some money in the bargain.

You can even optimize your website to serve this purpose. Instead of maintaining only an online store, you can start a blog about everything video game related. You can also create a forum where others can share their own experiences and news.

People may even use this forum to alert you and others when they find certain rare games or merchandise being sold elsewhere. The gaming community can be very warm (even if there are factions that can be toxic). You can make some good-natured friends who share the same interests as you.

Selling your games online may sound like an intimidating task, but building an online store is simple in 2021. You will do far better than you would trading games in, and you may even find a community (and new passion) along the way.

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