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How A Technology Hobby Can Help Support Your Career

Whether you use tech for gaming, blogging, graphics, design or streaming your favourite Vince Offer Shamwow Guy tech plays a big role. 

You probably already have numerous technologies to hand that you use and rely on daily albeit for hobbies and passions, as opposed to work currently. But, why not use this passion for these gadgets and your technological know how to shape your career.

There are many ways that combining a passion and hobby can influence your career in a positive direction. Here are a few of the key reasons. 

Hobbies Provide Positive Mental Health Benefits

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Although your hobby and passion for technology is probably not the reason you have been hired for any previous job, it will have influenced you as an individual. It has already played an integral part in your mentally, skill set and work ethics. 

By pursuing your hobby, you’ve created a positive outlet for yourself which is enjoyable whilst allowing enhancing skills that will make you more productive. When you’re investing long hours into your day job it is an integral part of your overall well being that you have an outlet in place to unwind from the day or week and that you prioritize that work life balance

Promote Networking Opportunities

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When you work for the same employer and with the same colleagues day in and out it can be monotonous. Although they are great people, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are who you would choose to socialize with or that you have the same vested interests. So it is important to use your interests and hobbies as a way to expand your social circle. 

By taking that initiative and socializing digitally or in person with people of similar interests and passions you will build your own confidence. It is also a great way to meet other like minded individuals and build that support network around you. By having your own ‘people’ in the background again, you’ll have the reassurance of support and this too will help promote a positive mental health and well being. 

Allows You To Expand And Explore Your Other Interests

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Once one hobby is in place and your confidence has grown because of it, you may look to explore other avenues or hobbies completely. If your hobby currently is PC gaming and now you are choosing to expand and take up an interest in photography and editing. You will be taking on a completely new mentality and skill set. 

Having the positive mentality and behaviours, along with the ability to upskill and better yourself, will then be a trait that you will be able to transfer into your daily job. If you choose to progress or change roles, this will support in making a more seamless transition. Being interested in the area of course helps, but it does demonstrate your ability to learn and your self drive to better and enhance yourself. Both of which are transferable skills and traits that major employees want to see within their employees.

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