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4 Tips for Returning to Work After a Long Absence

Time off of work can be both refreshing and necessary. Indeed, employees in stressful jobs need to use their available vacation time to prevent burnout and recharge their batteries. However, returning to work after a long absence can present unique challenges. An individual may miss work for an extended period of time for numerous reasons. They may have a medical issue, or a family emergency, or they may simply withdraw from the workforce for a while. The good news is that no matter how long you’ve been away from the office, these four tips will help you hit the ground running when you return:

Stay Engaged

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Just because you’re not working, it doesn’t mean you have to disengage from your field altogether. Individuals can often attend seminars, watch educational videos, or even sign up for courses to learn more about their preferred industry. Time away from work can afford professionals the opportunity to network, learn, and discover new things about themselves and their career. 

Note, it may also be a good idea to remain in touch with important people in your professional life. Scheduling a video chat with an old coworker or meeting with your boss for lunch can be a great way to stay engaged while you’re out of the office. 

Re-Start Professional Habits

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Working at an office involves a number of professional habits that can erode over time. If, for example, you’re not used to getting up early, or commuting, or wearing business attire, or even engaging in small talk, it may be a good idea to practice these things before you go back to the office. Small professional habits can have a big impact on your performance, mood, and productivity. 

Ask Questions

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Life doesn’t ever stand still. Whether you’re out of the office for a month or a decade, things will change with time. So don’t be afraid to ask questions of your colleagues! Starting over can be just as tough as starting up, which means you will likely need assistance from those around you. A little humility can help you reach new heights and establish yourself back in the office ASAP. 

Be Positive

As we mentioned above, professionals may miss work for a host of reasons. Perhaps you had to take some time off following bunion surgery. Or maybe you needed a leave of absence to plan a wedding/honeymoon. Regardless of why you left the workforce, make it a point to re-enter it with a positive attitude. It may sound cliche, but the reality is that a good mindset can help you address any problems you may encounter. Negative thinking will only hold you back, so stay positive whenever you can!

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