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Making The Shift Run Smoother

Shifts can sometimes be a little chaotic, especially at this time of year. There’s so many customers coming in and out on a daily basis that it can be hard to know what to do to make a truly chaotic shift run smoothly. But at this time of year you should be banking on the fact that your shifts go as well as possible in order to make the most sales. If you have a good team of staff behind you, this should never be too hard to achieve. But, nevertheless, there’s still going to be one or two things that you can always do differently in order to try and make sure things run even better. This article is here to outline a few of them, and help you to make sure you run the smoothest shift possible, even over a time when you’re going to have the most people coming in and out of your store.

Get The Right Staff

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Sometimes, this can just be the biggest thing to hold you back in terms of running a good shift. If you own your own company, you should know what makes a good employee or not, but hiring one is a different story. There’s so many ways in which people can fool you into thinking they’re the model employee during interview. Of course they’re going to put on their best show for you then. But when they truly relax into a role is when their true side comes out. What you hope for it to be is a happy, bubbly, customer friendly employee who is going to help you make the most sales possible. But that isn’t what you always get. Some people have just had no customer service experience in the past, so just might not know how to treat them properly in order to make them happy. This is where some good training comes into play, which not a lot of companies offer. A lot just throw their employees into the deep end and expect the, to know exactly what they’re to do when it comes to awkward employees. You need to teach them the mantra that the customer is always right if you want to succeed.

The Dream Team

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We’ve talked about getting the right staff, but you’ll always have that certain set of people that are just a cut above the rest when it comes to being on shift together. A lot of people call them the dream team, and for good reason. That perfect group of people really does have the power to make or break a shift. Some of your staff will just be that hard working, and know exactly what to do at the right time, that there’s no way your shift won’t run smoothly. But, at the same time, it is important to make sure you’re rotating the shifts to make sure that everything is fair. Whilst ideally you would like to have all your best people on the same shift every time, you need to try and rotate them around to make sure there’s a little bit of magic on every shift. What is a rotating shift? Well it is a pattern that makes sure everyone gets a chance to work all the different hours that your store is open. For example, it really is unfair to keep putting the same group of people on the early shift, or on the night shift. You need to make sure everyone is being switched up. You can set who you want on what shift still, just try and keep them on the same shift whilst they rotate through the different working hours.

Take Charge

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If you’re going to run a business, let alone a shift, you need to make sure you’re able to take charge. You need to be that influence people look towards, but sometimes you just don’t get that when it comes to bosses. A lot of them tend to take a back seat, especially when it comes to the manual labour of running the shop. This is where things can start to go wrong, especially if the people that work for you decide to start doing what you want. If they see you’re showing a passion for the job, they’ll start to copy. If you’re out their being a role model to all, you’ll make a pathway for the rest of your staff. It also helps you to monitor the progress of individuals for yourself. There might be one or two employees that just need that push in the right direction in order for them to succeed in the role. Sometimes it is better for you to be their guiding light rather than the employees around them. It also helps you to monitor things such as how each member of staff interacts with customers. Some can be a lot more rude than you realise, especially if you’re not around. The last thing you need is a customer complaint.

Change Policies

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The more time you spend on the shop floor, the more you’ll realise that needs to change in order to run a successful shift. One of the first things that will probably need to change is how much interaction your employees get with each other on the shift. Yes it is great for them to be able to have a laugh and a joke with each other. A strong team is always going to drive your store up the success ladder. But too much can be really annoying to customers, especially if they’re being neglected. But most of us can agree that at some point in our lives, we have walked into a shop where the employees are a little bit too rowdy, and we’ve struggled to get a bit of service. Putting a policy in place such as no talking unless it is business based whilst customers are around could really boost your customer satisfaction levels.

So there you go. Simple ways to ensure your shift always runs smoothly.

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