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Can Technology Stop You From Being THAT Boss?

We all want to be the best bosses we can, right? It’s not nice to think your staff consider you as ‘that boss everyone hates’. As well as being plain not nice, you’re going to struggle to get the best work from your team this way. You certainly won’t garner the respect you need.

Hence why many of us do what we can to ensure we’re the best bosses possible. Some of us take courses or get regular feedback from staff. Others head online to get this management malarky right. You already know that the internet is key to business success, after all. But, it may also be critical to your success as team manager. And, we’re going to consider why.

An opportunity for education

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The more efficiently you run your business, the better chance you have of impressing your team. Of course, qualifications aren’t necessary for management, especially not when you start a company. But, if you want to stay on the right side of your staff, you’re going to need to get on top. And, you can do just that by heading online. It may be that you merely take short courses which help you develop your management methods. Or, you could do a masters degree in management entirely online. That way, you’ll learn the extensive ins and outs of making management work. And, that’s perhaps your best chance of being a boss your team love, rather than one they avoid at all costs.

Access to all the resources

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As well as helping you educate yourself, the internet gives you unlimited access to all the resources you could need. And, resources can come in handy for any staff interactions. For one, you should always turn to legal resources before entering into disagreements with staff. As well as leaving you open to legal issues, something like refusing the correct amount of breaks will destroy team morale. There’s nothing wrong with going against staff who are in the wrong. But, if you’re getting your facts wrong, it’ll be tough to undo that damage. Instead, take all suggestions on board, and turn to those online resources to make a decision. That way, you can at least state the legalities of why you’re refusing a request. And, that’ll go some way towards ensuring you aren’t the bad guy.

An example to follow

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Last but by no means least, the internet also gives you an example to follow. Often, we fit the manager role based on television characters, or bad bosses we’ve had in the past. But, that may not be the best way to go about this. Instead, head online and check out the managers of your competition. Head to websites and social media pages to gain some idea of management processes. By researching a few individuals in this way, you can borrow methods you like and ditch those you don’t. Over time, you can them become the perfect Frankenstein of a manager. Though, hopefully, this experiment will go a little better…

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