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Top 3 Reasons to Work in Digital Marketing

If you considering a career move into the sphere of digital marketing, now could be the time. We are already living in the digital era, but there is still so much left to digitise! Research shows that by the year 2020, experts forecast that internet ad spending on mobile platforms alone will have reached £192 million.

From video marketing to content marketing, SEO and social media; digital marketing comprises of a wide range of activities which can be absolutely critical to the modern day business. If the internet is the most important element of today’s business communications landscape, digital marketing is the means by which organisations can create an effective presence in it.

1. New horizons

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So much of our time is spent online now that digital has become crucial to the way in which companies are marketing themselves. That places high importance on marketing teams which can achieve positive results for their organisation. So, you can expect to feel valued by your employer, be involved in strategy at the forefront of the business you work for, and a rewarding salary to boot.

And then there’s the future… with digital technology, online trends and customer behaviour are changing all the time, you can expect your role in digital marketing to be ever evolving. It seems like as soon as something has become de rigueur on the internet, it is replaced with ‘the next big thing’. So, as a digital marketer, you will be best placed to view the constantly shifting digital landscape, and your work could change accordingly.

2. A broad skill set

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Working in digital marketing is typically a varied role; which means two things. 1) If you already have a broad marketing skill set, you are likely to be able to use it, and 2) if you don’t, you’ll have the chance to expand your knowledge and experience in many different directions. Digital marketing careers can encompass everything from online advertising to public relations and graphic design. Find the right company, and you can develop into an all-rounder that can master many marketing techniques – this could make you a hot commodity in the job market.

The other aspect is that because there are so many facets to digital marketing careers, the job itself is less likely to become mundane. One minute you could be creating social media posts, and the next you could be reaching out to bloggers and journalists as part of an outreach campaign, or working with a web designer on a re-design of your website.

3. Interchangeable across industries

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There are very few commercial entities which don’t engage in some sort of digital marketing activities in 2019 – from maintaining a website to email marketing campaigns and pay per click strategies. What that means for the budding digital marketer from the UK, is that the whole world is at their fingertips! That’s because digital marketing can take you anywhere, such is the universal demand for the service, especially with English as a first language.

So if you are starting off as a digital marketer in a sector which you find boring or unrewarding, remember that with the skills you develop, you could switch to a position that deals with a subject matter you do like. The key thing is to expand your digital marketing experience, and eventually, you might find yourself specialising in marketing for a particular industry.

Looking to the Future of Digital Marketing

Remember, with the vast amount of resources online, it is always possible to expand your knowledge base independently. This can make sure you are one step ahead in your professional role, and provide you with more ideas to bring to the table!

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