The Surprising Benefits of Being a Gamer

Video games have come on a lot since their inception as simple arcade games when they were first launched in the 1970s. They are now much more complex, challenging and exciting than ever before. Even fairly simple games like Candy Crush can help to improve hand-eye coordination in young players. If you aren’t quite sold on the usefulness of playing video games, you might be surprised by these very real benefits of being a gamer:

They’re Helping to Create Better Surgeons

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Although you might recoil in horror at the thought of your surgeon playing video games when they should be reading up on new advances in the medical field, one study of laparoscopic surgeons, who are responsible for making small incisions in patients, discovered that those surgeons who played video games for 3 hours a week or more made fewer errors than non-gaming surgeons. It could be the fact that many games encourage hand-eye coordination that makes all the difference.

You Can Make Money

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Whether you’re enticed by  Heather Graham for Foxy Casino, where you could make a little cash if you’re good at blackjack, or you’ve honed your gaming skills so that you are able to compete as a professional, there are lots of opportunities to make money if you dedicate a decent proportion of your time to playing games.

They Can Help with Dyslexia

Study suggests video games may improve learning skills in people with dyslexia

Some studies have found that dyslexia and attention problems are related. By playing computer games that feature a lot of action, such as Call of Duty, sufferers can improve their reading comprehension, possibly because they have to focus a lot of attention on the rapidly changing situations, they see unfolding on-screen.

They Could Boost Vision

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If your vision isn’t perfect, it might be time to do away with that old adage that spending too much time in front of the television will ruin your eyes because researchers have found that spending a moderate amount of time gaming can improve vision. Not only can it help to fix a lazy eye, but regular gamers are better able to identify different shades of gray than non-gamers.

They Can Help You to Be More Active

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The prevalent stereotype of gamers is that they are lazy couch potatoes who do little if any exercise at all, but that is not always true. Consoles like the Wii and Nintendo Switch are actually very good at encouraging people of all ages to get up and moving as they play virtual sports using handheld controllers.

They May Slow Down the Aging Process

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There is some evidence to suggest that brain-training games, which feature puzzles, problem-solving and memory-related games can help stave off illnesses like Alzheimer’s. In fact, playing such games for as little as 10 hours has been shown to boost the cognitive function of people aged over 50 – a benefit that lasted for many years after playing.

They Can Ease Pain

Can virtual reality relieve pain?

If you suffer from chronic pain, the act of focusing on a video game can act as an analgesic and make your pain feel more manageable.

So, what are you waiting for? Bust out the Xbox and get playing!

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