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Livin’ in a Gamer’s Paradise


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In a sense, whenever they cross the digital frontier, gamers are in a paradise. The amazing cyber realms bow to their will, and even the most fearsome challenges offer hefty rewards. Still, it helps to have a real world support for your endeavors. The best gaming rooms blend sublime comfort with a wide spectrum of tech marvels in order to assemble a unique, future-ready haven. This makes both the casual gaming and lengthy sessions more satisfying and less detrimental to your health and wellbeing.

A head start

My ULTIMATE Gaming Setup / Room Tour

So, why not arrange a space with your gaming needs as a top priority? The first thing to consider is the suitable room for your favorite hobby. The size might not be as important as a having a distraction and noise-free area, which allows you to fully immerse in a digital environment.

Proper insulation also prevents thunderous uproar from disturbing your family or neighbors, and makes gaming possible around the clock. Bear in mind that you can add layers of insulating foam or drywall to absorb the noise. When it comes to room capacity, remember that apart from the tech assets, you also need a place to accommodate yourself and your gaming buddies.

Let the battle commence

Sit down and relax in our favorite office chairs

Hours and hours of gaming experience are not the same without the home comfort snuggling you up as you embark on a journey to the distant worlds.

An adjustable, ergonomic chair is the best choice for your back and overall health, and it can match the rest of your battle station. A configurable TV stand can serve as a central piece of furniture for getting your console, PC and other tech equipment organized. The connoisseurs of office workstations have underlined the benefits of the appropriate positioning of the TV screen or monitor, which must be at an optimal viewing level and distance. While you are on the quest of marshaling the objects, check out cable organizers for fighting the entangling cable clutter.

Come into play

D-Link Wireless AC 1200 Mbps Home Cloud App-Enabled Dual-Band Gigabit Router

Once you manage to set the stage, it is time to turn your attention to tech capacities. You might be already musing on the advent of virtual reality, but first things first. Online gaming is not the same without gaming wireless router in the league of D-Link AC series. It prevents the lapses in broadband connection and those nerve-wracking lags that ruin the gameplay.

Moreover, modern intelligent systems are capable of prioritizing device that crave for immediate wireless attention. Another major decision is whether you want a TV or a projector for your setup. The latter choice allows you to modify the display size, just make sure that there are enough connectivity options for other components of your killer system.

Work like magic

Monster® Essentials 800 8 Outlets Surge Protector

Also, you might want to possess a magic wand for manipulating the devices around you. The Belkin Beacon is a stunning piece of tech which helps you handle entertainment system seamlessly via smartphone application. This small gadget can sit on your table and acts as an all-in-one remote for DVD or Blu-Ray players, TVs, sound systems, etc. Furthermore, muse on providing charging stations for your controllers.

A multi-unit solution from Nyko can top up the batteries of controllers of all major consoles at the same time. It also stores them neatly, and eliminates the cable mess. Alas, note that having a wide array of equipment can make your electrical system go haywire. All that expensive hardware must be protected from unexpected power surges and outages, and the Monster Products Essentials 500 will help you pull disconnects all the equipment in the wake of such event.

In new light


Finally, it is time to ponder on decoration and adding visual appeal to the space. A Legend of Zelda Triforce lamp, for example, is a reliable source of light, but also a striking decorative item. Gaming rooms should not be over-lit, but turning them into caves is also not recommended. Do not place the lighting opposite of the TV screen, and use shades and blinds to prevent sunlight from interfering with your gaming adventures.

Infuse the space with coziness as well, and bring in a nice couch or futon for those who receive an invitation into your digital shelter. A mini-fridge will allow you to stay with them all night long and leave the gaming shrine only to answer nature’s call. At last, video game posters can transform the walls into a testament of your passion and taste in games.

Level up

12 Playful Game Rooms

Do not make the common mistake of just cobble together a chaotic room for your beloved pastime activity. Why cope with spaces that resemble environments in dungeon crawlers, not proper rooms, when you can own a space that is both functional and stylish? Setting up a dedicated gaming room calls for some time, money and attention to detail, but it is an utterly rewarding experience. Check out the versatile solutions that that suit any room outline and fit every need of a dedicated gamer. Possessing a gaming sanctuary reserved for you and your chosen guests is modern self-indulgence at its best.

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