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Glorified Gadgets that are Actually Useless

Amid the technology that revolves around us, there are inventions created with purposeless specifications. The idea of making these gadgets as unique, never-been-seen, and outrageous, becomes too exaggerated.

Despite creating a commotion among people, these devices become infamous due to their uncanny features. Do you think these gadgets are useful or not? Well, it’s for you to decide. Let’s start the countdown now, shall we?

8. Virtual Laser Keyboard Projector

What is the catch with this gadget? Well, they promise to make your keyboard handheld and wireless by getting this device. Perhaps, most people will be asking – Is it working?

According to the customers, you can type on it, and this thing works like an actual keyboard. However, it does not have a mouse, and the laser is not too visible on a light surface. Moreover, there are also some occurrences wherein it does not work at all.

7. Reverse Keyboard

This device could be one of the most regretted creations of all time. Can you even type and write an essay with this gadget? You might as well buy essay instead of using this device and save a lot of time.

There’s no way you would benefit from learning a new trick from typing in a reverse keyboard. In the first place, you don’t even use it in the office to do your job. It is impractical to use so why to waste money.

6. Thync Vibe

This gadget has a controversial effect on your mood and brain functions. During its peak launching in the market, many customers tried this device. It promises to shift the mood and provides relief to your stress. Some might feel hype and alert as if they drank a cup of coffee.

Surprisingly, this device shows various effects depending on the user’s current thoughts and environment. One of the users explained that he felt hyper during his first use. However, when he used it for a second time, the effect is the opposite. He felt a painful sensation causing him to experience a headache.

5. USB Mouse with Digital Scale

In our top 5 list, here’s another flank device from the tech history. Have you tried weighing something with your USB mouse? Well, this gadget explains for itself. Usually, you weigh heavy items as you measure its density. You don’t weigh something tiny or small unless if you’re just curious to know.

4. Laptop Steering Wheel

OK, this item might sound a peculiar device. But trust me, this gadget exists in the market. This laptop steering wheel is helpful for those who travel and stay inside their car for a long time. 

Are you going to stay in your car just to type or research for a long time? I don’t think so. That’s why this device is an epic fail in our list.

3. Amstrad Emailer

The biggest technology flops in history

Is this product a flop or not? This device aspires to become a landline phone with an email feature. However, it needs an internet connection for its features to work.

To make this happen, the customers need to pay for a premium rate. In this way, they can able to access landline and email functions. If that is the case, why not switching to a computer instead right?

2. Pet Rock USB Cable

The thing is, USBs are invented for a handy dandy way to store your files. However, some inventors would like to put humor with their creations. This USB cable is accompanied by a rock and a box.

Moreover, this device is dedicated to nerd people. Funny thing, maybe but is it worth buying for? Well, you may end up buying it for prank purposes but believe me, you won’t be using this USB for the rest of your life.

1. Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2

To tweak the original keyboard characters, the inventors came up with this device. First of all, it looks interesting but when you buy it, you’ll probably regret it. The thing is, it does not have any function keys, page navigation keys, and other keys. 

This device is ironic to its name, it has missing keys, and there’s nothing special about it at all. Thus, this HHKP device is our top list as a useless gadget.

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