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The Universal Appeal of Slow-Motion Video

Slow-motion video allows us to fully take in fast action. No more “blink and you missed it” moments. You actually get to see what happened. This is why it’s so popular in the world of sports and action movies. With slow motion, you can see if the player went out of bounds or re-watch that amazing catch.

Slow motion can also be used to create tension. Will the hero get out before the bomb explodes? Will the winning run make it over the fence? When done in slow motion, the stakes are raised in the situation, making it more enjoyable when the moment is over.

The Novelty

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One of the coolest parts about watching something like an explosion or a water balloon popping in slow motion is the ability to actually perceive what is happening. In that fraction of a second, the rubber contracts, the water holds its shape and then drops to the ground. None of which could be seen without the aid of high-speed videography. And that’s what makes it interesting — bringing the unseen into the realm of the seen.

Slow-motion video leads to a more dense experience because we are able to take in much more detail than would otherwise be possible. This can make action sequences predictable, however, so keeping them short or adding variable frame rates to speed up and slow the action gives emphasis while not becoming boring.

Having Fun

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If you can get your hands on a camera with the ability to shoot in slow motion, all you will want to do is start filming everything around you in slow motion, just because you can. Slow motion makes you ask yourself, “I wonder what would happen if … ” and off you go. Dropping, smashing, popping, throwing. The possibilities are endless.

Slow motion is also great for family events. Kids love seeing pictures of themselves and introducing them to a slow-motion video will wow them. The unexpected outcome is what is most appealing. When we take video it’s usually just that, but the slow speed gives a unique flavor to make it really stand out.

How To

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Today, cameras without some sort of slow motion are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Even most smartphones can shoot at least 60 fps. And dedicated cameras, like the Sony RX100 Mk IV, can get bursts of upwards of 1,000 fps at full HD resolutions.

Basics of Shooting Slow Motion Video

To get the best results, go outside during the day so you have enough light. To get the 1,000 fps video, for instance, the shutter speed should be in the neighborhood of 1/2000 second which won’t let enough light in for indoor use.

When you’re just starting out, it’s important to just play and have fun. If you are by yourself it will be easier to frame your camera where the action is going to take place and have the object finish its action there.

Slow motion is just a fun way to break out of the norm and do something different. It’s easy to do with a great payoff at the end.

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