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How to Stop Gym Boredom: Tips for Geeks and Gamers

Modern life is dominated by tech. Think about it: smartphones are glued to people’s hands, gaming is one of the most popular hobbies out there, and 99% of jobs are reliant on computer software. It’s crazy (in a good way), right?

Despite the global rise of tech, many hardcore geeks and gamers still take time out to go to the gym. In fact, gyms and home workouts have seen a major rise in popularity recently, so it’s hardly surprising that more people are trying to better their fitness.

However, can you guess what one of the biggest and most common complaints about the gym is? Yep – that’s right – boredom. Sure, the gym is great for your mind and body, but that place is booooooring.

Thankfully, this article has gathered some useful tips (specifically for geeks and gamers) on how to combat and stop gym boredom. Keep on reading to find out what they are!

Take your smartphone with you and play games

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Here’s some good news: no gym on the planet is going to stop you from taking and using your smartphone.

While you’re at the gym, this means you can play games, whether you’re in the locker room or are taking a break on one of the machines.

The games you play at the gym are entirely up to you, but if you want a friendly suggestion, you should check out They have a host of awesome online casino games, such as poker and slots, that you’re sure to love.

Wear wireless earbuds

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Fact: Most people can’t stomach the gym unless they have their earbuds with them.

Earbuds make the workout experience so much better. You get to shut out the noise of equipment slamming and people talking as you listen to your favorite music and podcasts. What’s not to love about that?

Because of the equipment at the gym, you should avoid any wired earbuds for safety reasons. Instead, choose wireless earbuds: they’re much more efficient and convenient.

These days, there are tons of wireless earbud brands to choose from, so here are some of the best:

  • Apple Airpods (the next generation of Airpods is coming soon)
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds+
  • Beats Studio Buds

Remember to look after your buds and carefully store them away in their case whenever you’re finished using them.

Find a workout buddy

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A lot of people go to the gym with a dedicated workout buddy. It makes the experience more fun – plus, you have an extra pair of hands if you need any help with equipment or specific workouts.

So, if you a friend who’s a fitness fanatic, ask them if they want to be your new workout buddy.

Hire a personal trainer

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The majority of gyms have on-site personal trainers that you can hire to better your physique and training methods. Sure, they might be a little expensive, but they’ll make your gym sessions significantly less boring.

Avoid repetitive routines

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The gym quickly becomes boring if you follow the same routine every week.

If you want to spruce your routine up, take your own equipment, such as resistance bands, with you.

Wear the best gear

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Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Asics: these are just some of the best sportswear brands. If you want the best gear, such as running shoes, make sure to buy it from a reputable and high-quality brand like these. 

Follow these tips if you want to kick gym boredom into the dust!

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