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Is It Easy to Make the Jump from Being a Casual Gamer to Being a Pro?

Gaming has come a long way in recent years – from playing games at the Virgin Online Casino to trying out the latest mobile game apps. Of course, video gaming is still the cream of the crop for many players and is immensely popular. Recent figures, for example, show that the video game sector makes about $120bn per year and includes around two billion regular gamers. One thing that many of those two billion gaming fans have in common is the desire to go from being a casual gamer to a professional.

That is the dream for anyone who loves to spend time playing their favorite game on a console or PC. Top eSports pros can earn decent money with millions on offer to winning teams in the top eSports tournaments. The 2019 Fortnite World Cup, for example, had $100mn in prize money attached to it! But turning pro when still a casual gamer is not an easy task. 

Just what difficulties might you face to make it in the pro-gaming world?

The time needed to get good enough 

My Life In 3,000 Hours Of Dota 2

One thing that makes it pretty tough for casual gamers to turn pro is the amount of practice time that is required. We are talking hundreds and thousands of hours of hardcore practice on the game at which you plan to be a pro. Whether it is CS:GO or Dota 2, you need to invest a huge amount of time to make it. That is very hard for most casual gamers who have jobs and families to look after – as well as wanting to lead a normal life with time to chill or see friends. This lack of time to practice is a real barrier for most people in terms of turning pro. It might not be such a big problem right now as gaming is thriving during the Covid-19 pandemic because people have more time to practice. 

Money needed for the right kit at home

Another barrier that makes it difficult for casual gamers to turn pro is the kit needed. While this is not a necessity, most pro gamers will have a pretty mind-blowing set-up to practice on in their homes. That is what gives them the edge to improve and also helps them to get used to practicing on the type of kit they will use in big tournaments. Casual gamers might not have the money to buy the newest consoles, pro-level controllers or gaming chairs, etc. It can be a real difficulty when trying to make the transition from being a casual player to a professional.

Competition is fierce 

A massive challenge when thinking of carving out a career as a pro gamer is the sheer amount of competition. Lots of people fancy getting paid for playing video games globally – which, of course, means you are up against many other people all trying to make it. Getting noticed can be tricky, especially if you do not live in a big city with a thriving eSports scene or have no industry contacts. All the competition also means you have to be the best of the best to stand a chance of turning pro. Simply being pretty good or the best in your town is not enough for pro teams to sign you up. 

Having the right mental approach

Ready to be the next Esports Gaming Star? It’s time to step up your gaming routine.

Many casual gamers focus only on the physical side of playing. While it is crucial, you also need to think about having the right mental approach. A significant block for many is having the dedication needed to practice again and again for hours on end with the same game. Many casual players get bored of this after a while and give up! You also need to be able to handle the pressure which playing in front of big crowds at tournaments brings to make it as a pro. That is also something a lot of casual gamers find difficult. While you might be relaxed enough to perform well on your own in your front room, that might not be the case when having to turn it on at a big event.

Do not despair though – it can be done 

All video game geeks out there will dream of making it big as an eSports player on one of the top teams around. Although there are some real difficulties for a casual player to get past, which are not easy, it is right to say that it can be done. With the right approach, talent, and luck, it is something that can be achieved. If you think you have what it takes, why not post up some videos of your play on YouTube and see what happens?

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