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There’s a Bit of Geek in Every Game: How Alternative Ideas Have Become Mainstream

Gaming has always offered geeks shelter from the mainstream. Away from so-called “normality” and those that are described as “cool”, gaming stands as a haven for those that like to think differently. Of course, this is mainly the case because, at their core, computer coders and developers have a bit of geek in them. Whether it’s a hardcore love of technology or a fascination with sci-fi, people in gaming tend to have a geeky side.

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This has become ever more apparent in recent years. As the gaming industry has grown and diversified, developers have been given scope to embrace and show-off their inner geek. For example, there’s a place in many of our hearts for Zelda. When Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka came up with Link, they created a legend (quite literally). Although Nintendo’s action-adventure game series is still the boss, there are now alternatives.

Legends Never Die in Gaming

Oceanhorn is one such alternative. Available for mobile devices and created by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG, this game has been described as a “candlelit shrine” to Zelda. What’s neat about this game, other than it’s somewhat geeky motif is that the controls are simple. Being a mobile product means the gameplay is easy to master which, in turn, gives it a broader appeal. In other words, more people are being exposed to stories and themes that come directly from our alternative corner of the world.

In fact, this seepage of geek culture into the mainstream isn’t just happening in the mobile sector. Play roulette from your laptop at a modern online casino and there’s some nerdy stuff going on. Just as video games have evolved over the years, casino games have done the same since the industry went digital in the late nineties. Today, Paddy Power Casino has the capacity to offer traditional versions of roulette et al, as well as alternatives. For example, Age of the Gods Roulette is both an attempt to bring something new to the mix and embrace the inherent geekiness of games.

A New Age in Gaming

Step Inside a Glitchy Alternate Universe Inspired by Dungeon Crawler Video Games

For the most part, Age of the Gods Roulette follows a standard format. However, the inclusion of fantasy gods with special powers has a touch of Dungeons and Dragons about it. Then, of course, you can look to slots for more of the same. Spinners such as Call of the Valkyries and the Matrix are undeniably geeky. Of course, developers aren’t trying to appeal to this one demographic. They want everyone to enjoy their creations. However, these themes are a reminder that, no matter how popular gaming becomes, it’s built on geeky foundations.

Data from Statista shows that gaming is worth more than $130 billion. To put it another way, games are mainstream hits loved by the “cool cats”. But, no matter how big the industry gets, it’s roots never change. Products like Age of Goods and Oceanhorn are examples of that. If you’ve got a bit of geek in you, you’ll have already noticed this tip of the hat. If not, maybe it’s time to embrace the alternative and become a bit more of a gaming geek.

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